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Passionate About Skin Care

Hi. As we all grow older, I think it’s hugely important to look after your health and be kind to yourself.  As the pressures of life from running around after the kids through to a full day at work, begin to take their toll, it is important to still allow for some ‘me time’. Looking after your body and mind are just as important as following a good skin regime. I follow a healthy diet and I work out regularly, but I also ensure that I look after my skin too.

There is nothing better than fresh, glowing skin to make you feel good about yourself. My skin is no different to anyone else, I too have a busy job, I care for my three gorgeous boys, I’m now in my thirties, and admittedly… I have probably spent too much time in the sun and have dealt with skin pigmentation through sun damage and also hormones that I experienced throughout my pregnancies.

I really believe that you have to care for your skin properly and carry out a dedicated regime with the right range if you want to achieve skin that shines. I have been honest and have spoken out in the press that I have used Botox, to help with deeper wrinkles in some concentrated areas, however I really believe that the right skin products are so important to help hydrate, smooth and aid in the prevention of fine lines.

I have found the perfect skin products range in Flint + Flint. I've been a fan of Maxine and Adam’s Skin Health Spa skin clinics for a few years now.  They are very passionate about skincare, how products work, what they do and how you feel using them, which is why I was keen to try their new skincare range.

I have now been using their products for 7 months, and the result of using Flint + Flint is that my skin has never looked or felt better. The key to healthy skin is a routine that's not too complex and not too expensive to upkeep. Thanks to Flint + Flint, I have found my perfect routine, now it’s time to find yours. 

Lots of love

My Flint + Flint Routine

CLEANSE. I use the Glycolic Cleanser every evening, leaving it on for 1-2 mins. Then in the morning, I use Everyday Wash, again leaving it on my skin for 1-2 minutes. Always rinse either product thoroughly with cold water and then tap dry. Both products are great for make-up removal.

NOURISH. I always use the Serum directly after cleansing, rinsing and drying the skin. I apply direct to my fingertips and then to the neck and face, before massaging until silky smooth. Do not use too much, it goes a long way!

HYDRATE. Following Serum, I use Moisturiser or Moisturiser 3x depending on your skin type, age or weather conditions. For example in the winter months I only use Moisturiser 3x, whereas in the summer it's Moisturiser only. I then apply the SPF Primer.

PROTECT. I use SPF Primer at all times during the day even if the sun is not shining. Always. Always. Always. No exceptions. As well as protecting your skin it also acts as a great base to your make-up.

PICK ME UP. Lip Hero plumps and hydrates and allows me to apply lipstick directly over. I use Lip Hero all the time. Eye Hero works on tired mornings or when you want that instant pop of life to the eye area.

EXFOLIATE. Once a week I apply Exfoliator 2x directly to my face without water, massaging for 2-3 mins before rinsing with cold water. I then apply Serum, Moisturiser and SPF Primer.