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We’re a family-owned business, who also happens to own and manage a chain of cosmetic clinics across England.

Over the last ten years, we’ve recommended the best of the best skincare products to our clients and carried out more than a million skin treatments.

We know exactly what works and the transforming effect it has on peoples’ confidence.

We believe we have the secret to skin health.

Flint Plus Flint is a range of skincare products that ALL work. The reason we’ve underlined all is because we don’t just have one or two hero products that do what they claim to do. They all work.

We’re extremely particular. A product that doesn’t work, will never, ever make it into the Flint Plus Flint range.

All Flint Plus Flint products are formulated to the highest standards here in the UK, where we keep a watchful eye on quality. They use many of the active ingredients in medical dermatology products, but unlike most medical products, you’ll find ours are easy to use and cost a lot less.

We like them. Our clients like them. So do our staff. And we believe you’ll like them too. Make up your own mind. We think you’ll see and feel the difference compared to ordinary, and often more expensive, cosmetic products.

If you don’t agree, we’ll give you your money back, it’s as simple as that.

Just tell us that you’ve tried Flint Plus Flint and they’re not for you. There’ll be no hard feelings and no questions asked (well, maybe one or two, just so we can make things even better).

Here’s to skin health.

Max and Adam