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Are Flint Plus Flint products really ‘Made In England’?+

Yes. They are designed, manufactured, printed, assembled and use materials from England. We are proud that our products benefit companies and staff here in the UK.

Are Flint Plus Flint products really made for all skin types?+

Yes. Flint Plus Flint products were developed from many years experience running skin clinics and over a million skin treatments performed on real people; male and female of a wide range ethnicities and skin colours.

Do Flint Plus Flint products have any age restriction?+

We would recommend the Flint Plus Flint range for anyone over the age of 16. We also encourage you to share your skincare regime with your partner or your family.

Are Flint Plus Flint products tested on animals?+

NO. Flint Plus Flint and their suppliers do not test Flint Plus Flint products on animals.  Adam and Maxine are animal lovers and strive to see all animals loved and cared for.  Their two French Bulldogs Coco and Harry and Bernese Mountain dog, Ted Bear would approve the Flint Plus Flint range.  However, no skincare company (including the much bigger ones) can make a 100% animal test-free claim as the majority of raw ingredients would have been tested on animals at some point prior to the EU legislation change in March 2013.  

Why is the range smaller in size to that of your competitors?+

Simply because we believe these are the only products that you will need. Many manufacturers offer grand and expansive ranges that sometimes confuse, add unnecessary expense and take up much needed space. We want to keep things simple.

What if I don’t like the products?+

We want you to be happy and if, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied, we will offer you a full refund or credit note, whichever you prefer.

Are Flint Plus Flint products carry-on luggage approved?+

Yes. Having travelled a life share of air miles, Adam and Maxine made it very clear that the products must travel in a briefcase or handbag. Some products like the Daily Wash, Exfoliator and Glycolic Wash are smaller than our competitors for the simple reason that we have believe you should not pay for water when you have a tap to hand. So in some cases, we ask that you apply a little water to the product and use as normal. You save on space, cost of purchase and it’s better for the environment.

Do you ship outside of the UK?+

Yes. We will do our utmost to ship Flint Plus Flint to anywhere in the world. All we ask is that you pay for shipping at our cost and that you are responsible for any customs charges. Please note that we are unable to guarantee a delivery time unless you pay for one.

Can I try the products before I buy?+

Unfortunately, we don’t offer samples but if for some reason you don’t like our products, we will give you your money back! For full terms and conditions, see Our Guarantee.

Can Flint Plus Flint products help treat Chloasma?+

Chloasma (commonly known as Melasma) can be triggered by several factors including hormonal, sun exposure and genetics. The result is an increase in melanin resulting in areas of dark pigmentation in the skin. It is well documented that lightening agents over time will help this as will retinoic acid (a form of Retinol) and glycolic peels. Sun exposure significantly hampers treatment and aggravates the condition.

Based on this Flint + Flint products are expertly suited to assist. The recommendation would be a course of glycolic/everyday cleanser, serum appliedat least twice daily to clean skin for its potent skin activating vitamin-c lightening agent, moisturiser 3x at night for its encapsulated time release retinyl palmitate (which the skin converts to retinoic acid) this should ONLY be used at night as retinyl palmitate does make the skin more susceptible to sun exposure so it would be counterintuitive to use this product during daylight hours.

The user should make every effort to avoid all sun exposure but should also apply SPF primer during all daylight hours as a further protective and preventative measure. We would normally advise that this offers an 8 hour protection for normal skin types however Melasma sufferers have a heightened sun sensitivity and therefore should re‐apply the product every 4 hours for maximum protection.

Do you use the products yourselves?+

Yes. Adam and Maxine use nothing else. They were developed from years of testing and trying new products, and now we use Flint Plus Flint exclusively, life has now become that little bit easier.

Are there any secret tips you can share?+

Yes, quite a few:

  • For the ultimate hand rejuvenation treatment, use the Exfoliator all over the hands, wash thoroughly, dry before applying Moisturise 3x
  • For one off wrinkles, dab Eye Hero to the area and leave to dry
  • For one off spots, dab a small amount of Glycolic Wash on the area in question, leave for ten minutes then wash with Daily Wash, dry before applying Moisturiser or Moisturiser 3x
  • For those with less beard growth, use a little more daily wash while you wash your face, leave for a few seconds, then shave as normal before washing thoroughly, dry before apply Serum, then Moisturiser or Mosituriser 3x
  • For a quick nail treatment, apply Eye Hero to the cuticles and leave to dry
  • Use SPF Primer then apply make-up. Be bold, give it a try and once you do, applying an SPF will become part of your regime
  • Balding men rejoice - our SPF Primer dries immediately and leaves you with a matt finish. Also, as our SPF Primer absorbs quickly and leaves no residue, it’s good for men with facial hair who don’t want clumps of cream left behind
  • When using Glycolic, Exfoliator or Daily Wash don’t forget you have a neck and upper chest areas that sees daily exposure
  • For an ultra-deep cleanse once per week, apply glycolic cleanser to face and neck, rub in using circular motions, leave for 1 minute then apply Exfoliator directly over the top before washing off

What’s the best way to use the range?+

Ideally, use Daily Wash in the morning and Glycolic Wash in the evening.
Always apply Serum following any wash product before applying either Moisturiser (preferably in the day) or Moisturiser 3x (preferably in the evening).

During the day follow-up with SPF Primer. Always use SPF Primer following any Glycolic wash when the sun is up – even when it’s cloudy or raining. Our Exfoliator can be used two or three times a week or as required, again, please remember to use Serum followed by Moisturiser or Moisturiser 3x.

Any daytime cleanse and moisturise should be followed by protection with the SPF Primer.

How often should I use SPF Primer?+

As often as possible or as required during the day. Always following use of Glycolic Wash in the morning or when you plan to leave the house and the sun is up and even when it’s cloudy or raining. SPF Primer is great for balding men as there’s no residue and no shine – matt finish all the way.

Do Flint Plus Flint plan distributing their products overseas?+

Yes. Our plans include Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Asia, Australasia and South Africa. We welcome interest from anywhere in the world.

Can I use Flint Plus Flint products if I’m pregnant?+

None of the Flint Plus Flint products contain ingredients at levels that should cause concern during pregnancy. If you have any concerns at all we advise you to consult your own GP or pharmacist.

There’s no mention of Flint Plus Flint working with a charitable organisation?+

We are currently evaluating worthy causes for our business to give back to those who need it. We welcome any interest and will provide you with updates here on our website.

My question isn’t here, can you help?+

Of course. If your question isn’t answered here, or you need advice on any of the Flint Plus Flint range, please send an email or call us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

How can we sell your products in our store / clinic / beauty salon?+

We welcome any interest in Flint Plus Flint and our products. Please call or email to discuss how we can help. Contact Details can be found here