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We we're over the moon when this latest product review landed in our inbox, So much so we just had to share it. Its so true that when you're skin looks and feels great you stop the constant worry about how it looks or the inconvenience of covering it with makeup. Skin confidence is a great feeling. 

Nicola's thoughts on our Glycolic Cleanser and Enzyme 3 Mask...

You know your skin care is working when you stop noticing your skin. Since discovering Flint Plus Flint I've stopped worrying about how my skin looks because I know it's looking good. My latest purchases were the Glycolic Cleanser and Enzyme Mask and love them both. The cleanser feels lovely going on, really indulgent and leaves my skin feel clean and refreshed. Topped off with the Enzyme Mask left on overnight and my skin looks amazing the next day. Getting ready for a top up on some of my previous purchases from Flintplusflint, which is rare as usually I flit from product to product but my skin looks and feels so good why would I use another brand?

What Flint + Flint products have you tried and what do you think of them? Leave us a review on our website and we'll send you a thank you discount code to use on future purchases. 

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