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You may have noticed over the past year or so that our best-selling Glycolic Cleanser keeps getting bigger and bigger in size. We've gone from our original 100ml bottle, up to 150ml and now now produced a whopping 200ml bottle of this super cleanser. Its' not going to stop there, and here's the reasons why...

1. Better Value For You

Have you ever thought about how much of the price you pay to when you purchase a skincare product is actually covering the cost of the packaging as opposed to the product itself? 

We've long been harping on about why we don't package our products in elaborate shiny pots, pumps and tubes. They look fancy on the bathroom shelf but the fact is that's not why you're buying the product, or at least it shouldn't be, it's whats inside that counts and the results you see in your skin.

We've always tried to package our products in a simple but effective way in order to reduce excess waste and keep the cost down. Packaging costs get passed onto the consumer and why would you want to pay more than you need to? 

After researching the average size bottle of a facial cleanser on the shelf in a skincare section of a well-known pharmacy chain (you know the one), we started scratching our heads. Why is there such a difference in size between bottles of personal care consumables that are intended for daily use? - A 100ml bottle or tube of facial cleanser, versus a 200ml+ bottle of shower gel - but both are intended to be used on daily basis. 

Perhaps the facial cleansers are smaller due to the level of higher-quality ingredients being used, but you pay less for body cleansers, knowing this. We're all aware of the volume discounting we see all the time in the supermarkets, the more you buy the cheaper it is as the cost of manufacture, packaging and shipping etc are divided between more units or volume bringing the cost per unit or cost per 100ml down, For example, its more cost-effective to buy a 12 pack of toilet rolls than it is a pack of 4. We see offers on bumper bottles of bubble bath or shower gel so why hasn't this transcended into skincare on a large scale?

Well, we're not sure, but we're not conforming to the norm and we're starting to increase the sizes of our products, which means better value for you. 

2. The Planet

Thanks to good'ol David Attenborough we're all well too aware these days of the impact our consumerism is having on our planet and we all have a role to play to try and reduce waste and plastic pollution. By buying bigger volume, you will inevitably be buying less often. That means less bottles leaving our warehouse, less bottles needing to be recycled (or worse, being put in landfill), less deliveries and less pollution BUT, without you having to reduce your usage of our products. 

And we're not stopping with cleansers, Our Serum will be next given it's another product that gets used daily. We're working towards making all our daily-use to available to buy in bigger, better-value. 

Watch this space :-)

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