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With Flint + Flint introducing Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments with our Guru Helen Fa in our concept clinic at Harvey Nichols Manchester, we thought to explain a little bit about the Yin and Yang Theory...

The original concept of Yin and Yang came from the observation of nature and the environment. "Yin" originally referred to the shady side of a slope while "Yang" referred to the sunny side. Later, this thinking was used in understanding other things, which occurred in pairs and had complementary and opposing characteristics in nature.  For example day and night, water and fire, and so on. Working with these ideas, ancient people recognised nearly all things could have Yin and Yang properties.

Traditional Chinese Medicine at its base has a direct connection to the Yin/Yang theory, where Yin and Yang are used to understand complicated relationships in the body. Yin and Yang are two opposites yet complementary aspects that are looked at to work towards attaining a sense of balance or good health. The concepts or inter-relationships of Yin and Yang are considered in all aspects of everything that goes in the universe:


Yin   Yang
Night Day
Cold Hot
Earth Heaven
Moon Sun
Winter Summer
Female Male
Soft Hard



In the body, these principles can be considered as follows:





Internal External
Front Back


Helen Fa will be joining our clinic in February- please watch this space to find out her upcoming treatments!
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