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We recently collaborated with Toppbox, the personal male grooming box specialists, to help the good men of Britain keep dry hands at bay after increased use of antibacterial hand sanitisers. 

Toppbox, like us, believes that looking after yourself doesn't have to be hard and you shouldn't have to compromise on quality when it comes to the products you use. Their aim is to introduce their subscribers to new products they may not ordinarily think of using or buying. They hand-select 5-7 of their favourite male grooming products bi-monthly and delivery them directly to your door. From face, body and hair, to shave, stubble and beard, they've got you all covered.

We love their concept, it's a convenient way for guys to not only get help choosing what products you should be using but also a great way to experiment with new products without forking out the big bucks.  

After previous successful collaborations spanning back to the early days of Flint + Flint, we were delighted when they got in touch to discuss including in our Hand Hero in their June box. 

The feedback has been great so far with many of their members saying they absolutely love our nourishing hand cream. Director Alham got in touch to say,

"Our members really loved your hand cream, especially during the current crisis and has come in very useful at keeping dry hands at bay. Some of our members never really use hand creams and were initially apprehensive on using the product, but once they had the opportunity to try it they absolutely loved it!".

Have your hands been particularly dry recently after increased washing and sanitising? Have you thought about using hand cream to relieve dry skin? Have you thought about using one that also incorporates a sun protection factor (SPF) to also help protect against harmful rays from the sun? Try Flint + Flint SPF Hand Hero.

We believe we've developed what we believe to be the best hand creams available today and one of the first with an SPF30. Our Protect and Hydrate Hand cream contains potent ingredients to protect the hands from harmful UV rays, as well as moisturising the hands and nails. 

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