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From Day 1, we have maintained our best efforts to make an attractive product at a reasonable price.  Not an easy task when we are purchasing 2,500-5,000 of any one item - this is deemed low volume by many suppliers.  For instance, Clarins will order 500,000 of any one product just to fill their store shelves.  As a result, we end up paying more for the packaging than we would like and this, in turn, means someone (you) - has to pay for it one way or another. 

Additionally, we have become tired with the quantity of packaging we throw away each day from all types of purchases.  Do we need fancy packaging?  We don't think so and we want to do our bit to reduce packaging waste. 

In the coming months, we plan to introduce a new range of Plus Sized products that will be sold unboxed and be bigger in volume (for the same price as the original versions by the way!).  A better product content to packaging ratio, less waste and better value for our customers, what's holding more companies back from making this move?

Look out for our new Plus Size series of products launching soon. 

Flint + Flint

P.s - one of our customer's old favourites might be making a comeback.

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