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When it comes to making decisions, we humans like to look for advise and others opinions to help us. So, if you're unsure about trying a particular product or just want to see some general feedback from others who use our skincare products, then just click the reviews button on any of our products pages. 

We've been collecting reviews from our customers online since 2015, amounting to over 760 submissions. We're proud to boast that over 700 of these have been given the top five star rating based on verified purchases by customers just like you. 

Here's a few reviews that might help you take the decision to dive in and unlock the secret to skin health. 

Reviews of Glycolic +XL Cleanser

Untouchable'There's just nothing out there as effective'. 

Fiona.S | UK

Great product and quick delivery - 'Only used it once and my skin feels so soft and it’s bringing out all my deep rooted spots'.

Marina.B | UK

Perfect Skincare-Shop⭐️ - 'You are still my favourite skincare-shop. . . The absolute best of products. . .and nice prices. . . Very well wrapped. . .fast delivery'.

Jorn.B | Norway

As Good As It Gets - 'Great stuff , always regret not buying it more when I do!!'.

Catherine.P | UK

Amazing results - 'I have used this product for the last 10 years and never look to others. It does amazing job to my skin. Thank you for coming to my life!'.

Sabrina.M | UK

Review of Moisturiser

SO, SO GOOD! - 'I always come back to this product! I live abroad now so I tried to find something more local for my skin routine but after multiple attempts, I’m back ordering internationally and within 2days of applying, my skin looks brighter and smoother and more hydrated!!! I absolutely love Flint+Flint' 

Leanne.C | Dubai UAE

Reviews of Serum

Amazing products giving incredible results!'Best serum I have used! I’m always keen on experimenting and trying various brands but with serums I always come back to this and have used it for 4 years now! It's a proper serum, super hydrating and has evened my skin out also got rid of pigmentation marks. The ingredients are so natural and clever. Also love their eye hero cream and glycolic cleanser, I have sensitive skin so most cleansers don’t agree with my skin and most eye creams cause awful irritation. This is the only brand that has not done and made a huge difference to my skin! Love this brand!' 

Iram.A | UK

The Best - 'Used just about everyone's serum but keep coming back to this as it is the best. My skin feels so smooth and hydrated. Excellent customer service and quick delivery'.

Sandra.W | UK

Review of Moisturiser 3x

Fantastic products, can't live without! - I have upgraded my moisturiser from the normal moisturiser to 3x last year. Both moisturisers are brilliant but as my skin becomes mature, I tend to use richer moisturiser. I am also using Flint's other products and all of them are great. Their prices are mid range, not too expensive and not too cheap but the quality of their products are top notch. I love that their products come in tubes as I do not like sticking my fingers into jars to dig out their contents and I also like that the tubes are black in colour which prevents sunlight or heat getting through hence prolong the lives of the products. 

Sook.S | UK

Review of Exfoliator 2x

Best I’ve used - 'Love the effect on my skin - great for hands too. Best I’ve used yet!!!'.

Julie.W | UK

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