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It's not often we get a heatwave but the rumour mill is in overdrive with claims of the UK going into meltdown with 35c temperatures this week! So we thought, what there better time to share our top 10 tips for keeping your cool and staying safe in the sun. 

1. HYDRATE - Internally and externally. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, even if you're not sitting directly in the sun you can still get dehydrated from the humidity and warmth. Don't forget to hydrate your skin each evening by applying a good layer Moisturiser after cleansing, when its hot we recommend switching to our Moisturiser 3x for triple action moisture. 

2. KEEP IT FLOWING - Wear light, loose clothing. Lightweight, light-coloured clothes reflect the sun's radiation and wearing cotton instead of synthetic fabrics means sweat with absorbed and evaporate instead heat getting trapped and making you feel hotter. 

3. DITCH THE DUVET - Cool sheets for a great sleeps. Place your bed sheets in a plastic bag and pop in your fridge or freezer for an hour before bed. No more struggling to sleep in the hot weather, you'll be thanking us after you've tried it! 

4. TAKE IT EASY - Slow it down. With lives getting busier and spend more and more of our time rushing around from one thing to another but when its warm the best thing you can do for your health is to slow down and avoid strenuous activity. It will only result in your body temperature raising and if you're like us you won't need much convincing to skip exercise. 

5. CURTAIN CALL - Draw your curtains or blinds during the day. Try and keep your rooms in shade as much as you can to avoid a greenhouse effect.

6. TAP TIP - Run your wrists under a cold tap for a few seconds every now and then throughout the day. One of our main veins runs through our wrists, running cool water here will help to cool your blood. 

7. LITTLE & OFTEN - Snack regularly. Eat small meals, more often to avoid the metabolic heat your body will create breaking down a large meal. 

8. SPICE IT UP - Believe it or not eating spicy food when its hot will actually help to cool you down. Chillies stimulate heat receptors in the mouth, enhance circulation and cause sweating, which cools the body down.

9. BEDTIME BATH - Take a dip before bed. Having a bath just before bedtime in water just below body temperature will help keep you cool all night long. Resist the urge to have a cold shower, your body will generate more heat to compensate for the cold. 

10. ENJOY! - We moan about rain and the cold all year round so enjoy of bit of sun for a change. Make sure follow the advise of the experts and stay out of the sun at peak times and ALWAYS wear an SPF. 

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