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Here at Flint+Flint we not only want you to enjoy your products but also to educate you on what makes ours different...and the best.
So today lets look at an essential for every skin care routine,
Our Exfoliator 2X 
An important product for every skin type! Whether you have dry skin and only use once a week or oily/combination skin and use a couple of times a week, this product is perfect for giving that deep clean and revealing a brighter and fresher you!
So what secret ingredients do we have to make it so special?
2% Salicylic acid-  A beta hydroxy acid famously used to purify the skin and proven to be beneficial for anti-acne applications (the enemy to acne- YES!). It works by attacking your skins 'glue'-dissolving what holds skin cells together, which then aids in removing and loosening these skin cells and then helping to dissolve blackheads. It  can reduce sebum secretion and is also an anti-inflammatory, which means it can help calm inflamed acne!
Being at 2% is safe enough to use every other day- just avoid they eyes (it will sting)
Did you know?
Salicylic acid comes from willow trees and can be found in Aspirin!
Jojoba Oil: Highly penetrative, it can go deep into the hair follicle; dissolving sebum deposits and helping dislodge blackheads, thus cleaning out the blockage YAY. It is suitable for oily, sensitive and dry/damaged skin types, it re-balances and cleanses the skin. Also being a waxy substance, Jojoba oil can seal in moisture and create an effective barrier to external elements. It is so structurally close to the secretion of the sebaceous glands in our skin that it is readily accepted and tolerated- which is great compared to other exfoliators as they usually leave your skin feeling dry and tight, which can be quite uncomfortable!
Did you know?
Jojoba oil comes from inside a nut from a wild shrub. Its not only great for moisturising, battling acne and sebum control but is also great for chapped lips, dry cuticles, dandruff, sunburn and eczema
Microscrub: The physical part of our product, natural micro particles plough away at dead dull surface skin cells taking the top layer of skin off while the acids work in the deeper layers.  Gentle enough not to scratch the skin, you will not believe how smooth and soft your skin will be after a rub with these! 
Did you know?
We use natural micro scrub rather than plastic beads as we are environmentally friendly and do not want to aid to damaging water supplies and marine life. If anything natural micro scrubs are better as they are not perfectly even which gives an better scrub! Easy choice for us!
There you have it! A little bit about our Exfoliator 2X and what makes it a bit different! Want to see what we are up to?
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Written by Stephanie
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