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What happened to our Everyday Wash?  Oddly, our slowest selling product is now the most requested cleanser in our modest line-up.  What happened?  Where did it go?  Well, one ingredient has proven very difficult to track down and the only territory we could buy from does not support our Animal Rights view.  That's it, folks.  Everyday Wash is no more. 

Fear not!  We have a plan.  We've tweaked the formula for the better and we will soon be introducing our new Sensitive Cleanser.  Similar to Everyday Wash, only better, bigger and more value for money.  This is a product we used as part of our facials within the clinics and it's a proven essential for everyone's day-to-day skincare regime.

Our new Sensitive Cleanser is in the final stages of production and will be available in 2020. 

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