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Fathers day is around the corner and your struggling for what to buy your old man...

Look no further! Here at Flint+Flint we have the answer.

Our famous Mr.Flint skin kit.

No smelly floral or over the top packaging here, just products that really, REALLY work and are perfectly catered to male skin. NEW magazine must think so too as they recently featured us in 'what to buy for fathers day'.

Everyday wash- To be used morning and night, this every day wash is perfect for taking off the days grime and gentle enough not to irritate beards or newly shaven skin- leaving you feeling fresh and ready for the day!

Exfoliator 2x- The perfect treat once a week for a good deep clean! Our scrub not only takes off the top layer of tough, dry, dull skin but also contains the active ingredient salicylic acid 2% to go that little bit deeper and be the enemy of all spots! Proven to improve breakouts and skin texture.

Moisturiser- Gentle and not heavy on the skin this moisturiser is something your dad will love! Containing red raspberry seed oil and glycofilm this ensures your dads skin stays hydrated all day and stays locked in. 

Eye Hero- Bye bye dark circles! Hello 10 years younger! Suitable to use on the upper eyelids as well as below, this eye cream is one of our little heroes of Flint+Flint. Fights dark circles, plumps fine lines and de puff's the area leaving him looking wide awake.

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