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Leaves on the ground and golden hues let us know Autumn has definitely arrived, which means it's time to up the ante in the moisture department. 

Make sure the pumpkin isn't the only thing glowing this Halloween by giving your skin a daily dose of well-needed hydration and protection with one of our Moisturisers.

Read on to find out which our two Moisturisers is most suitable for your skin and watch your complexion radiate. 


If you like light lotions, our Moisturiser would be the one for you. Active Ingredient Red Raspberry Seed Oil is rich with essential Omega fatty acids and high levels of Vitamin E, making it the perfect choice for daily protection. It creates a conditioning lipid barrier providing protection and moisture retention for the skin.

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Moisturiser 3x

If you prefer richer creams, our Moisturiser 3x gives 3-times the nourishment. 

Hyaluronic Acid penetrates deep into the skin to restore the skin's water balance, boost collagen production and improve skin tonicity. 

Retinyl to increase new cell production so skin looks smoother and plumper. It also helps to reduce pigmentation that's comes from sun damage. 

ELESTAN™ Extracted from the leaves of the Manilkara tree this advanced 4-in-1 anti-ageing ingredient preserves the skins youth and recovers firmer, more elastic skin.

Shop here and save 30% on our Moisturiser until 31/10/20. 

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