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1: Host an anti-valentines day party
What better way to celebrate valentines than having a couple of drinks with your also single friends! Maybe throw a piñata in there, with a photo of an old lover in there.. just a suggestion!

2: Watch movies that end in heartbreak
Sometimes it's best to put on a sad romantic film on and let it all out.

3: Buy yourself something really nice!
We all know that retail therapy is the best medicine for a broken heart. Buy yourself something that will make you feel better.. go on break the bank.

4: Sell stuff from your ex
We can imagine that you may get some satisfaction from this, the second hand industry is also booming!

5: Get takeaways with all your friends
Chinese, curry... American? Maybe sushi.. You choose.

6: Book yourself a holiday
Take you and your single-ness on a plane and get out of here for a weekend! (on a budget? Coach?)

7: Failing all the above... There's always Netflix!
Say no more ^

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