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Yoga is well-known for encouraging relaxation and improving flexibility, but more and more studies show that the practice offers benefits that go beyond the obvious. Besides easing back pain, yoga can provide help for people suffering from a myriad of other medical conditions. Here are the benefits of yoga everyone should know about.

Better Sleep

With an increasing percentage of the population suffering from varying degrees of insomnia, this benefit of yoga is an often overlooked feature. Doing yoga few times a week helps to calm the nervous system and improve rest.

Helps to fight craving

Keeping off weight can be a bit easier with a regular yoga routine. Craving generally strikes when your body is tense. with a relaxing session of yoga makes it easier to consider whether or not you really need that extra chocolate bar.

Improves posture

Because of the fact that yoga strengthens your core, you will soon notice that your posture is improved as you practice it for a few weeks. You will walk with confidence, head held high, shoulder back and tummy in. Good posture is not only healthy, it also help you to stand taller and look more attractive.

Relieves stress

One of the well known benefits of yoga is that, if you practice yoga regularly, your stress levels are reduced. It is a part of the routine that asks you to clear your mind and focus on your breathing and body. As a result, your stress reactions will diminish, even after finishing your class.

Helps to lose weight

Yoga can help you lose weight and keep it off, too if combined with a healthy diet and as part of a regular exercise program. It is not any wonder why so many workout and weight loss DVDs include a yoga segment?

Boosts performance in the bedroom

Spice up your love with yoga poses that focus on body alignment, increase sexual desire and blood flow. Several yoga poses send blood flow directly to the pelvic region, intensifying desire and sensitivity. Moves that require balance and abdominal contraction can strengthen your core because of the focus on pelvic muscles. Whole body awareness, vital to yoga, also boosts self- confidence and makes you more assertive.

Increases muscle tone

In addition to getting and maintaining a healthy weight, yoga can also help you build lean muscle, tone and define existing muscle. This does not mean you will be over huge and buff. You will have a sexy and gorgeous silhouette.

Keeps balance

If you, like some people, suffer from balance problem, either from inner ear issue or something else, yoga can help with this, too. It is time to begin to think there is nothing yoga can’t help with!

Pain management

Yoga is a victorious weapon in the battle against chronic pain. And, because it is not a drug and is appropriate for almost anyone, it is something considering for anyone who suffers from long-term joint, muscle, or other pain.

Full of energy

Like any other form of workout, regularly doing yoga can provide you with an energy boost in a long term. It definitely is much better than any energy drink wearing you off.

Flat stomach

Along with a sexy, round butt, yoga can also give you flat abs. Start doing a regular yoga routine and say good-bye to muffin top!

Improves blood circulation

Yoga gets blood flowing. In fact, the relaxation poses you learn in yoga help your circulation, especially in your extremities. Yoga also gets more oxygen to your organs- that’s why they function better as a result. Twisting poses are considered to wring out venous blood from internal organs and allow oxygenated blood to flow in. Inverted poses, for example, handstand, headstand, and shoulder stand, stimulate venous blood from the legs and pelvis to flow back to the heart, where it will be pumped to the lungs to be better oxygenated. This will help in case you have swelling in your legs from heart or kidney insufficiency. Yoga also increases levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells, which carry oxygen to the organs. Red cells thin the blood by making platelets less sticky and cutting the level of proteins promoting clot. This will lead to decreased risk of strokes and heart attacks since blood clots are often the main cause of those conditions.

Strengthens your arms

It is so depressing having your arm continuously flapping after you have stopped waving. But here is another benefit of yoga in address to that. Yoga can help improve your arms’ muscle tone by eliminating the unsightly arm flap.

Lovely legs

Yoga gives you gorgeous legs, with tighter thighs and nicely defined calves. Soon you will have a bikini ready body by doing yoga.

No back pain and stiffness

Various medical researchers have shown that regularly practicing yoga can actually be as or even more effective than medications in the treatment of back pain and stiffness. I think it would be wonderful to move around without back pain.

Better butt

Who does not want a get round butt and whose butt does not look instantly better even by just putting yoga pants on? Practicing yoga will give you a great butt… trust me!


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