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Is natural really better? of course it is, but to who?  


At Flint head office we are becoming increasingly worried about the huge make-up trend that rocked up a few months ago and turned us into dewy, browlicious, contoured matte goddesses. But are we really rocking the right look? In reference to a study we posed for the Daily Mail, we all ask, who is this look really impressing?


So we asked over 1000 men what they think of make-up, we also discovered that the majority of UK women wear make-up every day - 34% wear fake tan - 22% wear false eyelashes. These 2 ‘beauty enhancing’ being the biggest turn offs. 54% of women wear make-up every single day. 


1000 UK males were surveyed and stated that less is most definitely more when it comes to cosmetics. 63% also stated that they would not be happy if their partner invested in botox let alone full cosmetic surgery, 23% of these stated that they would feel ‘embarrassed’ if their partner had obvious enhancement such as lip filler and botox.


In August a poll of 1000 women (carried out by Vaseline) found that women spend two years of their lives applying cosmetics and spend around £12,000 on beauty products. This is a huge amount of money, especially if it is to impress men, if it is for enjoyment then can you really criticise the spend? 


So lets look at the cosmetic looks that men hated the most :

1. Heavy make-up (31%) 

2. Botox (17%) 

3. Fake tan (13%) 

4. Blown up lips (11%)

5. False eyelashes (8%) 

6. Hair extensions (6%) 

7. Huge fake boobs (5%) 

8. Scouse brows (4%) 

9. Tattoos (3%) 

10. Bright red lipstick (2%)


Mrs flint stated ‘The popularity of reality shows such as TOWIE and Made in Chelsea, where the emphasis is on the girls being dolled up and looking good, has seen a huge rise in overly glamorous make-up and clothing’ She continued on to say… ‘Us normal women feel the pressure to conform and keep up with these trends but it’s surprising to hear that we are not even impressing the other sex’ 


Obviously we say keep it natural, because we are skin loving enthusiasts. But most importantly always be you!


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