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Why to buy? - Serum (Product of the month)

So you’re probably wondering why to buy our product of the month, or what the benefits of using a serum are? Here we will explain why to use a serum and more importantly why you should use the Flint + Flint serum.

Serums are packed full of beneficial ingredients and antioxidants, more so than any other product in your routine. Serums are extremely concentrated with anti-aging ingredients therefore you should expect more from a serum. 

Don’t confuse a serum with a moisturiser, it will not replace your nighttime/daytime moisturiser. A serum boosts anti-aging massively and really concentrates on the skin. Stick to your serum, day in day out, this is when you will see the biggest benefits. You will feel results from day one but over long term you’ll see signs of damaged and faded skin looking healthier and firmer.

Our serum is for all skin types, energising, nourishing & repairing. 

Vitamin C & multi-mineral skin supplement serum containing a high concentration of purified active ingredients to energise, nourish, protect and repair. Intensively hydrates the skin and restores radiance. Flint+Flint’s serum is best known for it’s amazing help towards reducing hyper-pigmentation. 

How to use the serum?

After daily cleansing regime, apply a small amount to face & neck, followed by Flint + Flint Moisturiser or Moisturiser 3x.

Store at ambient temperature away from sources of heat & light. Keep away from eyes.


A little hint from the boss -
“How Much? Use less Serum than you think. Apply to fingertips and then to the area of your choice so that the product isn’t wasted and absorbed into your palms instead of your face!
This is our signature product, our flagship so to speak. We love it. Just don't over use.”

-ADAM, Head Office


To buy the serum at the discounted price of £20, Enter the coupon ‘SEPSER20’ at the Checkout - RRP £48 - click here

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