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Recent research revealed on the Mail Online this week by London-based health and wellbeing expert, John Tsagaris, has shown that blemishes in particular areas of the skin can actually reflect different problems in your internal health.

In the article John, who is a practitioner of Chinese medicine, explains that he believes that acne can be the result of multiple factors ranging from stress, diet, dehydration and allergies - but is primarily caused by hormone activity. 

His break down of each area of the face should help you target and achieve healthy glowing skin.

Simply he says that acne on the forehead reflects problems with diet, cheeks can be about stress or allergies or if it’s the mouth and chin for you then John says this is your hormones.

A lot of what John says makes sense - you can read the full article here



Free radicals can also have a large effect on your skin’s health and break-outs which means it is also important to undertake a daily skincare regime. Cleaning and protecting your skin will reduce the amount of break-outs, especially around your mouth and chin. At Flint + Flint we created our Control Kit to target spot or acne prone skin and improve skin health.

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