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Following a series of excellent success stories when working with acne suffers we’ve decided to launch a new campaign to find 10 acne sufferers across the country in the hope of helping them #LoveTheSkinYouAreIn

As skincare specialists, we want always want to improve the service we provide to our customers and help with the issues which most affect them. After some research, we found that one of the biggest problems British women of all ages suffer with is acne and it really seems to knock their confidence.

This inspired us... We are searching for 10 brave women (or men) to step up and take part in a skin improvement programme that will last anywhere from six weeks to six months, depending on the severity of the problem and the bespoke programme devised for each sufferer.

We have been working closely with our dermatology specialist Jane Marsh from Skin Health Spa to create a skin regime which will tackle a large range of skin issues. We want to be with our volunteers from start to finish and will provide consultations, skin care regimes, products and treatments in the clinic such as skin peels and laser treatments.

The first programme is an at home treatment using a combination of Flint + Flint products every day. It will take time but will show those taking part that they can make a real different with the right regime and products. The most important thing is the product won't cost more than £60. 

The second plan is more intensive and involves a series of peels and laser based treatments (where applicable) at sister company Skin Health Spa’s clinics with expert Jane. The overall value of the programme will be much higher at between £500 to £1000 but results should start to show after just a few weeks.

We are hoping our volunteers will keep video diaries to keep track of the results in a bid to show people how to combat skin issues and what effect this has on people’s confidence.

The campaign is all part of our goal to help people feel beautiful no matter what and to #lovetheskinyouarein.

Anyone wanting to be involved in the skin campaign should



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