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When cool Winter winds blow, keep your skin hydrated with these 5 foolproof skincare tips. 

As the temperatures drop during the colder months, the humidity in the air also drops, resulting in a cold, dry air that can leave skin itchy, red, and irritated. Make sure you combat dry Winter skin and retain your skin's natural moisture. 

1. Avoid Long Showers

It might feel good to linger in a hot shower in colder months but it will actually dry your skin out more. Limit the time and the temperature for healthy hydrated skin. Whilst skin is still damp its a good time to load up on the body butters, face creams and oils, this is when they will be able to penetrate deepest. 

2. Humidify Your Home

Using a humidifier at home will help put moisture back in the air, counteracting the drying effects of central heating and keeping your skin hydrated. 

3. Switch Up Your Skincare

Not all skincare is suitable for all seasons. You may need to switch up your lighter lotions for a richer cream when it comes to Moisturisers. Our Moisturiser 3x gives 3-times the nourishment with Hyaluronic Acid to boost collagen, Retinyl to increase new cell production and ELESTAN™ - an advanced 4in1 anti-ageing ingredient that recovers firmer, more elastic skin.⁠

4. Invest In A Mask

Winter is the ideal time of year to start including a deeply nourishing and repairing skin mask into your skincare routine. Masks are useful because they're occlusive, meaning they forcefully introduce the hydrating ingredients into the skin. It acts like a protective layer, stopping moisture from leaving the skin and pushes the good hydrating ingredients in.


5. Apply An SPF

Yes, even on grey Winter days. Don't be fooled by darker, drab weather, the sun's harmful UV rays can permeate the clouds and still cause damage to your skin. Always apply a daily SPF to keep your skin protected whatever the weather, Our SPF30 Primer doubles up as a makeup primer providing a smooth base for makeup to glide on whilst keeping out harmful UV rays.

And watch out for snow. On sunny Winter days after snowfall, up to 80% of the sun's rays are reflected back up - according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, that's an increased risk to your skin. 

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