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Our recent research reveals that UK women are more concerned with their looks than their health.

  • 43% of UK women would use Botox
  • 54% do not regularly check their breasts
  • 71% would pay for surgery to improve their looks

Our survey discovered 61% of UK women would consider going under the knife to improve their looks yet over half (54%) admit to not checking their breasts for lumps regularly. 

Of the 2,000+ women questioned, a huge 59% would use Botox to look younger despite one in three not knowing what it contains - suggesting UK women are placing more importance on eradicating wrinkles than potential health risks. 

71% claim to carry out at least three faddy diets a year, consuming as little as 200 calories a day and 62% of those interviewed said they diet to lose weight, not for health reasons.

Over half admit to having forked out for expensive “quick fixes” such as power plates or body wraps that promise immediate weight loss. And whilst 86% spend money monthly on make up, hair products, skin care and clothes less than half (49%) have regular health expenses including gym membership and private health care.

The research also reveals that women want their men to look good too - with 38% admitting to advising their partners to have botox and the majority (59%) admitting to putting their men on a diet. 

Perhaps more surprisingly, of the women surveyed 36% said their partners would consider botox and 23% said their men had used botox already.

When asked about their greatest fears non-surprisingly spiders topped the list. Perhaps more surprising was the fact that ageing, heights and getting fat all came in ahead of illness which featured fifth in the list.

Maxine Flint comments:

“The cosmetic market is huge and there’s a big emphasis on looking good in today’s society so we weren’t surprised to hear these figures. However it’s disappointing that women are only looking after their skin and bodies for vanity as opposed to being health-conscious. 

“People can look fantastic but not actually be healthy. At Flint + Flint we advise people to adopt a religious skincare regime as skin health is a life long commitment. The same applies to all aspects of your body – inner health is hugely important and people need to consider what’s going in inside their bodies as much as what’s happening on the outside.”


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