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Forget novelty ties or clichéd tool kits – if you want to make your dad feel special this June give him a fresh new look courtesy of unisex skincare range Flint + Flint.

Flint + Flint has created a bespoke kit which has been specifically tailored for male skin. The Mr.Flint Kit has been handpicked by Flint + Flint co-founder Adam and is the ideal present for the man who likes to care for his appearance. These essential products are designed to leave a man’s skin revitalised, clear and refreshed resulting in Daddy Cool versus Daddy Old Fool.

The kit includes: Moisturiser, Exfoliator 2x, Everyday Wash and Eye Hero. RRP £126.

Cleanse: The Everyday Wash formula gently cleanses and purifies with gentle exfoliation removing all traces of dirt and debris for a fresher feel, clearer complexion and smoother healthier looking skin. It can also be mixed into a lather and used as a shaving lubricant. 

Bright Eyes: The skin directly under your eyes is the most delicate and the first indicator of ageing. Advise your dapper dad to use Flint + Flint’s Eye Hero to help him to prevent the signs of fine lines and dark circles –ensuring he’s the freshest dad in the playground.

Exfoliate: Summer is here – it’s time to help Dad eradicate tired, dead skin cells which can make skin look flakey, tired and lack lustre. Exfoliator 2x targets rougher male skin so used twice a week will help to control dead and dry skin as well as reduce the risk of in-grown hairs from regular shaving.

Revitalise: Once fully cleansed and exfoliated nourish the skin with Flint + Flint Moisturiser. Flint + Flint’s Moisturiser boasts active ingredients including polysaccharides and lipids that lock in moisture and stop skin drying out leaving your dad’s skin energised and him looking the picture of health.

For more information or to purchase products from the range visit

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