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From the everyday beauty routine to the more extravagant procedures as a nation we are constantly striving for beauty perfection, which can have a serious affect on our bank balance. However we've put together our ‘Top 5 Weird and Wonderful Beauty Hacks’ which can enhance your everyday beauty routine in seconds and for less than you might think.

  1. Luscious Lashes - Want beautiful lashes? Most of us end up with stray mascara on our eyelids after applying but placing a spoon with the curve above and below the lash line as you apply the product will help prevent unwanted mess. You can also use the humble teaspoon to curl your lashes, apply some heat from a hairdryer, ensure the metal isn’t too hot and then place the edge of the spoon with the concave bowl facing outwards against the base of your lash line. The result? Luscious lashes you’ve always dreamt of.
  2. Hollywood Smile - We all want beautiful white teeth but loath splashing out on those expensive teeth whitening kits. Try mixing one tablespoon of baking soda with three drops of hydrogen peroxide then use it as a toothpaste for a health set of pearly white. Remember not to overuse this process as it can wear down the enamel on your teeth. 
  3. Soft Skin - Boosts moisture absorption with Flint + Flint’s own kitchen cupboard hack, apply three layers of moisturiser over the problem area then wrap in cling film. It will help to intensify the absorption of the product and deeply hydrate and nourish the area. Maxine Flint, co-owner of Flint + Flint skincare says: “ A lot of us neglect our neck and décolletage area but it’s a telltale area for signs of ageing and sun damage.
  4. Nourished Hair - Actress Zoe Saldana seems to be the queen of DIY beauty hacks and says she use to make masks out of oatmeal or give her hair highlights using henna tea or even rum. One of her top tips is to put mayonnaise in her hair which protects moisturisers hair and protects it for extreme heat such as the sun or styling products.
  5. Body Beautiful - Natural yoghurt is full of skin-loving acids and nutrients which will leave your skin bright and refreshed. Paint the yogurt all over the skin and leave for five minutes until it dries. Then either rinse off or, for an exfoliating treatment massage it off.

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