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Festival fun is upon us and Flint + Flint is on hand to offer some top tips for keeping your skin glowing throughout.

They say eyes are the windows to the soul and they’re the first thing that show we are tired and dehydrated. Eradicate black circles and get wide-awake brighter eyes with Flint + Flint’s Eye Hero.

Hours of fun out in the fresh air means exposure to UV rays so a primer is a festival essential. Flint + Flint’s SPF 30 Primer protects the skin and also acts as a perfect base for make-up - an additional layer of protection from the sun. Apply and reapply every two hours.

Replenish dehydrated morning-after-skin with Flint + Flint’s Moisturiser 3x - containing Retinyl which increases cell production and regenerates the skin – and achieve brighter looking healthier skin immediately.

Bronzer is a quick and effective way to perk up tired and pale skin. Moisturise, add Primer SPF and then simply sweep bronzer across the cheekbones, temples and eyelids for an instant all over glow.

Keep your skin hydrated by drinking water regularly. And finally pay some well needed lip service to your mouth. The skin on your lips is thinner than anywhere else on your face, so can burn fast. Apply Flint + Flint’s Lip Hero to achieve a plump and hydrated pout in seconds.

And last but not least ....... Enjoy! x

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