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Flint Plus Flint is seeking their first apprentice to join their fast growing, worldwide skincare company.  

We’re a family owned business, who also happens to own and manage a chain of cosmetic clinics across England. One of them just up the road from our office.

Flint Plus Flint is a range of skincare products that ALL work.  Can you?  We’re extremely particular.  Are you?

The ideal candidate and the one to become our apprentice for 2015 will be required to demonstrate the following:

- Have a sense of humour 

- Willing to do that little bit extra to get the job done

- Be handy with a kettle

- Capable of arriving to work on time

- Takes frequent showers and is interested in their appearance

- Wants to get on with a role with no complaints 

- Wishes for the good things in life and won't apologise for wanting them

- Prove they have a good education, be confident, articulate and understandable

- Be interested in worldwide travel (eventually) and possibly speaks other languages

As with all Apprenticeships, the pay is terrible to start with but we make-up for that with added benefits like beauty treatments and the odd free lunch.

Apply by sending your CV to Adam Flint, 42 Welsh Row, Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 5EJ or call 01270 625 172 or, for the brave, pop in - we won't bite!

Read about us and our story so far here.

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