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Exam season has come round quickly and final deadlines are in sight, which equals stress. Unfortunately for your skin, at the times you're most stressed you are more likely to suffer from spot breakouts.

However English skincare range Flint + Flint has created a four point plan which will have your skin matching your glowing grades in no time.

  1. Eye Hero - Long days of revising or finishing essays can cause havoc with your eyes. Dark circles and puffiness are never a good look and a dead give away that the stress is getting to you. Prevent the look of tired eyes and this area from losing its plumpness by applying Flint + Flint’s Eye Hero
  2. Exfoliate - A build up of black heads and dead skin cells can create oils and bacteria which are likely to cause pimples and breakouts. Unclog pores, refresh and revitalise your skin with the Flint + Flint exfoliator which contains salicylic acid, jojoba oil and microscubs to ensure a smooth and refreshed looking complexion.
  3. Me Time - Remember you can also do a number of everyday things to stop your skin breaking out, stay hydrated and drink lots of water also stop touching your face, this can cause a building up of oil and cause your breakout to spread further.
  4. Moisturiser - Moisturising after exfoliating is really important, it replenishes and rehydrate your skin after stripping the dead skin cell from your face. Flint + Flint moisturiser contains active ingredients including polysaccharides and lipids that lock in moisture and stop skin drying out. Take 10 minutes and throughly moisturiser your face, this will leave your skin feeling soft and you relaxed.

Maxine Flint, co-owner of Flint + Flint says: “Stress can play havoc with your skin! Spots, blackheads and break outs can all be caused by stress, so it is important that you look after your skin.”

It is also important to make the effort and set a regular sleep schedule and take 15 minutes out of every day to do something relaxing--your mind, and your skin will be grateful! Give yourself a break from studying by taking a quick walk, run a bath, giving yourself a facial, or listening to music.

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