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Beauty and lifestyle blogger Gemma recently reviewed some Flint + Flint skincare for her website Gemms Beauty. Its always nice when we get product review through when they have looked at not only how the products work for them but also how it could fit into a skincare routine for both sexes and thats exactly what Gemma did...

I kindly received these Flint + Flint skincare products to try out. I love skincare and Flint + Flint is a brand I have never come across before and as soon as I received them I could not wait to try them out. A good skin care routine is so important to me. I received..

Before looking at each individual product I just want to say how impressed I am with the packaging. It is very clean and simple and whats better is it appeals to both men and women.
Firstly I think that it is great that this face wash is for all skin types. The formula is very liquidly and extremely easy to use. 
To use simply apply a small amount to wet face and neck and massage in for 30 - 60 seconds. I really enjoy using this cleanser. The scent is very fresh and doesn't smell, look or feel 'girly' in any way again a big plus for any men that want to use this... I am that convinced men will like this I am now really tempted to buy this for my brothers as part of a birthday present.
"Triple action nourishing moisturiser for all skin types"
This is one of my top favourite moisturisers to use. Using it for the past month has been a pleasure. It isn't to thick or heavy, it has a nice light smell to it. I have been using this every morning and night but I have found I especially love putting it on first thing in the morning. It soaks in beautiful before applying all of my make up. Normally I avoid putting on a moisturiser in the morning as it takes to long to sink in and I just don't have the time to wait. I have even noticed my foundation goes on better after using this.
Whats also great is this moisturiser can also be used as a hand cream. And again this is another great product that men would also love to use.
Serums are a very hit and miss product with me I have some that I got in a set but they are never an individual product that I would go out and buy. This month I have made a big effort to include this into my skin care routine and I have been using this serum every night before applying the moisturiser. It feels very light to use and sinks straight into my skin. I'm not sure what difference it has made, but it compliments the face wash and moisturiser x3 lovely. 
I have so many lip products it is ridicules. I just love them and could not wait to start using this one. Unfortunately this is not my favourite lip balm. I just couldn't get on with the taste of it. I believe it has the scent of rose in it and it isn't one of my favourite tastes at all. This being said the taste soon fades. I let my mum try it and she loves using it. Everyone has a personal preference. I like to use this best at night time as it has a really good thick texture to it, making it very moisturising on the lips. which is great to give your lips a treatment before bed time. 

I really want to try more from the Flint + Flint range. I have my eye on the primer and the eye hero. 
*This is a PR Review ... all thoughts and opinions are my own. 
Have you tried any of the above products? What do you think of them? Would you buy them as a gift for someone or share with your partner? We'd love to hear what you think, email us at 
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