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The secret's of Skin Health - March 2015

Danielle Loves Flint + Flint

The key to healthy skin is a routine that's not too complex and not too expensive to upkeep. Thanks to Flint + Flint, I have found my perfect routine, now it’s time to find yours. 

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Introducing: Serum

Energising, Nourishing & Repairing Serum For All Skin Types.

Vitamin C & multi-mineral skin supplement serum containing a high concentration of purified active ingredients to energise, nourish, protect and repair. Intensively hydrates the skin and restores radiance. Helps to reduce hyper-pigmentation.

Take a look at our customer's great reviews - full five stars across the board. SERUM works! 

Serum Secret #1

Little goes a long way and too much is not only a waste, there's no benefit to you, your skin or your pocket.  

Light applications are always better for the skin. You can use less Serum than you think. Apply to a single fingertip and then to the area of your choice. Then massage into the skin with the finger tips.  

Serum's great value too, less than £1 per ml vs the well known competitors who charge £2-3 per ml.

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Maxine's Hidden Secret

Max just loves Exfoliator 2x! Claiming it makes up part of the best at home exfoliating facial ever.   Here's how:  Twice a week in the evening apply Glyolic Wash with a little water, cleanse and leave the Glycolic Wash on the skin for 60-120 seconds, shorter or longer depending on your skin type.   Then apply Exfoliator 2x directly to the face, massage into the skin for 20-60 seconds then rinse with cold water.  Follow-up with Serum and either Moisturiser or Moisturiser 3x. Try it for yourself and let us know how you get on.


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