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The Daily Express put together a fantastic piece this weekend on how you can utilise everyday objects to enhance your beauty regime. Flint + Flint were asked to contribute a top tip and we chose one of our favourites, read the full article below.

The secret to perfect eye make-up? It could be as simple as a teaspoon.

From a roll of tape to a bottle of sparkling water, our beauty expert reveals the everyday objects that can enhance your beauty routine. 


BEAUTY BONUS: Curls eyelashes and avoids mascara smudges

"Most of us end up with stray mascara on our eyelids after applying but placing a spoon with the curve above or below the lash line as you sweep on the product will help eliminate unwanted residue," says Laura Meredith, beauty expert at

You can also use a spoon to curl lashes - a trick used by model Miranda Kerr. First warm the spoon between your fingers or apply some heat from a hair dryer.

Making sure it's not too hot place the edge of the spoon with the concave bowl facing outwards against the base of your lash line (use on both upper and lower eyelashes) and press lashes into the spoon. The result? Beautiful curled lashes.


BEAUTY BONUS: Perfects your eyeliner If you love dramatic winged eyeliner but your attempts are always wonky, sticky tape (the paper/scotch tape variety is best) could be your new best friend.

"Place the tape underneath your outside lashes on the bottom lid and angle it towards your temples on both eyes," says Laura.

"Draw the liquid eyeliner across the eyelid as normal and follow it across the tapeline.

"Extend it as much as you want as long as it stays close to the tape. Repeat this on the other eye, remove the tape and you're ready to go."


BEAUTY BONUS: Lengthens and thickens eyelashes

Apply your mascara as normal. "Then, using a cotton bud, apply baby powder to your top and bottom set of eyelashes," says Laura. "Re-coat with mascara and you will instantly have fuller looking lashes."


BEAUTY BONUS: Tames flyaway hair and exfoliates your lips

"For a perfect pout apply lip balm and, using a soft old toothbrush, make circular motions over your lips to buff away dead skin cells," says Sarah-Jane Froom, make-up artist for BareMinerals.

And if flyaways are ruining a sleek up-do or style, especially around the hairline, spray hairspray on to a toothbrush and use it to tame hair into place.

"The thin frame helps reach all the niggly bits that a comb can't," says Laura.


BEAUTY BONUS: Whitens teeth Studies have shown that "oil pulling" - swishing oil around your mouth - can help combat gingivitis, plaque and the bacteria that cause bad breath.

"It's also a fantastic way to naturally whiten teeth without having to resort to pricey and potentially harmful cosmetic procedures," says Emma Leslie, beauty expert at

"You can use oils like sesame or olive but coconut oil is fantastic as it has natural antibacterial properties. Simply swirl the oil around your mouth, coating every surface without swallowing.

"You should aim to do it for around 20 minutes but if you can't last for that amount of time just swirl for as long as you can."

around 20 minutes but if you can't last for that amount of time just swirl for as long as you can."


BEAUTY BONUS: Conceals under-eye shadows

Beauty expert Deepica Mutyala caused an internet sensation last month when her video showing how red lipstick can cover up dark shadows was viewed more than four million times in a month.

"Red and orange seem like such vibrant colours but these bright shades neutralise the blue and purple tones in dark circles," says Laura. "Apply the lipstick using a brush around your eye area, then apply concealer as normal over the top using a make-up sponge."


BEAUTY BONUS: Removes eyeshadow spills

We've all done it - spent ages on our make-up and then, when we brush on our eyeshadow, ended up with spills of frosty or glittery colour on our cheeks.

"Remove the spills with surgical tape," says Max Factor UK make-up artist Caroline Barnes.

"Simply dab the sticky side over the scattered powder and it will gently lift off the fallout without ruining your make-up."


BEAUTY BONUS: Gives hair some extra shine

Demi Moore is said to wash her glossy locks in carbonated water while stylist Paolo Lai at Neville Hair & Beauty Salon in London uses Perrier water on his clients in the final rinse after shampoo and conditioning.

"Fizzy water is exceptionally effective at fighting frizz," he says. "It has low pH levels which help smooth the hair cuticle, resulting in shine."


BEAUTY BONUS: Removes nail polish

Some nail polishes - especially those with glittery bits - can be notoriously difficult to remove with cotton wool. Laura Maddock from Orly nail varnish brand advises using an old pair of tights to get rid of stubborn lacquer.

Cut them up into square pieces, soak in nail polish remover and rub over the nail as you would normally.


BEAUTY BONUS: Curls hair Stylist Kiki Upton from Paul Mitchell says: "Take small sections of your hair and spritz with a light hair spray.

"Loop each section of hair into a curl, then wrap a piece of foil around the curl and apply heat with your irons. Repeat all over, then when each section has cooled down unwrap and you'll have a head of bouncy curls."


BEAUTY BONUS: Boosts moisture absorption

"A lot of us neglect our neck and décolletage area but it's a telltale area for signs of ageing and sun damage," says Maxine Flint, owner of Flint + Flint skincare.

"Apply three layers of moisturiser over the area then wrap in cling film. It will help to intensify the absorption of the product and deeply hydrate and nourish the area."



BEAUTY BONUS: Banishes frizzy hair

Just as these reduce static in your laundry they can do the same for your hair. "Simply rub a sheet over the bristles of your hairbrush and then run the brush through your locks. This will instantly tame tresses and calm unruly flyaways," says hairdresser Norris Ogario.

We love some of these great beauty cheats that you can do at home with items that all of us have lying around the house. Thanks for sharing Daily Express! Check our blog regularly for more hints and tips for great skincare. 

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