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Shaving goodbye to the stubble - Post beard skin recovery.

Beards have been massively en vogue and many men conformed throughout 2014 but all trends come to an end. Plenty of men have already taken the chop.

Months of missed exfoliation and clogged pores means their skin can be left in a poor state – luckily skin care range Flint + Flint is on hand to advise men about how to help their skin recover.

Male skin is slightly tougher and more textured than womens so a different skin care regime needs to be adopted. With this in mind Flint + Flint’s co-founders created a bespoke package called the Mr. Flint.

Tailored specifically for male skin, these essential products are designed to leave a man’s skin revitalised, clear and refreshed. The kit includes: Moisturiser, Exfoliator 2x, Everyday Wash and Eye Hero. RRP £126.


The one thing that men won’t have missed from shaving is the appearance of in-growing hairs. Banishing the beard means that these irritating hairs may well reappear. Flint + Flint’s Exfoliator 2x targets rougher male skin and used twice a week will help to control dead and dry skin as well as reduce the risk of in-grown hairs from regular shaving.

Every day Wash

Flint + Flint’s Everyday Wash cleanses deeply and remove any impurities and can also be mixed into a lather and used as a shaving lubricant. 


Your newly exposed skin is now on show for everyone to see and you want it looking healthy. Flint + Flint’s moisturiser hydrates and also packs the skin with antioxidants protecting it from daily aggressors. Moisturiser 3x contains Retinyl which increases cell production and fresh new undamaged cells – regenerating the skin everyday.

For more information or to purchase products from the range visit our products page or our essential kits page.
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