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Our skincare latest review is by Tea Party Beauty, a beauty blogger based in Leeds. Read it in full here to hear her rundown of Flint + Flint Lip Hero, Eye Hero, Serum and SPF30 Primer...

"If you have been reading Tea Party Beauty for some time you will know I love skincare products, you will also know that I haven’t featured that many recently; that’s because since a certain product ruined my skin I have had to be rather careful with what I use on it, plus nothing has really stood out and wowed me. Due to being cautious for so long I seem to have built up the products I know I can trust & haven’t strayed too far away from them, that is until this little package of minimalist goodness landed on my doormat (OK, I went to pick it up from the post office). 
Flint + Flint are a brand I hadn’t come across before, but after reading up on them I was very intrigued to say the least. The products are marketed as being suitable for all genders and skin types, so confident are they that this is true they offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you’re not signing their praises after using the products.
My least favourite from the 4 products I tried was the Flint + Flint Lip Hero (£12.00)*, and that’s not to say it’s bad I just wasn’t blown away. It has a Rose scent too it, which can also be transferred into a Rose taste (not my favourite taste in the world). I found the gel like texture of this a little too thick for the daytime, but perfect for applying before I go to bed to give it plenty of time to sink in and work its magic without me smacking my lips constantly and rubbing it away. 
Next up I tried the Primer with SPF 30 (£25.00)* which I was rather surprised by; the high SPF in this had me thinking it was going to play havoc with my makeup application and cause my makeup to slide round, but it doesn’t at all. It feels so lightweight despite the high SPF and sinks into the skin wonderfully. There is no scent to this when applying it which is a nice change, the only slight downfall for me is the matte finish s I have been moving away from more matte primers lately, but if matte is you thing then this is certainly a winner. Each morning I have been replacing my Avene Hydrating serum with the Flint + Flint Serum (£48.00)* and my skin has felt a lot more hydrated for it. The serum is a cross between a liquid and a gel and my skin devours it; it melts into my skin. After applying this then my current moisturiser on top my skin feels so plump and hydrated by the time it comes to applying my makeup. 
After my serum & moisturiser have been applied I have been using my Flint + Flint Eye Hero (£37.00)*, and let me tell you I have certainly saved the best for last. The price is a little bit expensive, but I have paid more for eye creams in the past when I know they work, so I can justify a higher price tag for eye & lip care products. My eyes are pretty hooded to start with, so any form of tiredness can age me in an instant, which isn’t good when I suffer bouts of insomnia and terrible sleeping patterns. This aims to boost collagen and target wrinkles, and as I have only been using this a few weeks I cannot really comment on that, but I can say it leaves my eyes looking brighter, more refreshed and my dark circles reduced, which in turn roll back the clock of age. This, for me, is up there with my favourite eye creams along with Benefits Its Potent & HealGel Eye. 
On the whole I have been really enjoying using these products, the serum & eye hero have become a firm favourite of mine and I adore the simple packaging of the products. What new skincare have you been trying lately? Or have you tried any Flint + Flint Products?"
Thanks for the great review Hayley. If you would like to order any of the products mentioned above you can do so online
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