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Beauty Best Friend is a UK beauty blog written by Laura. Passionate about makeup and skincare for as long as she can remember, she set up this beauty blog to share product reviews and beauty tips with others. Laura wrote a great review of our products this month, so much so that we just had to share it with you! 

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I was sent this selection of products by Beauty Crowd, it’s the Flint Plus Flint (or Flint+Flint) new range of skincare. You may not have heard of Flint+Flint, they’re a UK-based family run business – founders Max and Adam have run a chain of cosmetic clinics across England for some time, and after recommending skincare products to their clients for the past 10 years decided to create their own.

I really like the sleek, grey unisex packaging with the bright coloured crosses, the products look very different from anything else you’d see on the shelf. Once you open a box too, the corresponding colour greets you inside…

So I was sent a selection of 4 Flint+Flint skincare products to try out, and here’s what I thought of them:

Glycolic Cleanser  – this is a glycolic wash that uses 12% glycolic acid to gently exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells. You apply the gel to your face then leave for 2 minutes before rinsing off. The product is a clear gel with a very slight scent, the gel turns slightly milky when you apply it to the skin. I found that it feels quite tingly and cool whilst it’s on the skin and the skin can feel quite sensitive afterwards so you need to treat it to plenty of moisturiser.

Whilst I do like Glycolic products as occasional exfoliants I feel that this Glycolic Cleanser might be a bit too harsh to use every day as a cleanser. I recommend you use it once or twice a week, like you would do with an exfoliator, and after using all Glycolic products you should protect your skin with SPF as it can be extra sensitive to the sun. Those with very dry or sensitive skin would do best to avoid this product.

Everyday Wash – this is a foaming cleanser which , as the name suggests, can be used every day as it’s really gentle. The product is a thick, clear gel that foams when you add water, just massage it over your face for 30-60 seconds for a quick morning cleanse. It does take quite a bit of rinsing off, but the skin feels clean and refreshed afterwards.

Flint+Flint suggest that Everyday Wash can also be used on other areas of the body, so why not take it on holiday in place of shower gel and save on luggage room?!

SPF 30 Primer – I have to admit that I don’t usually use a primer before applying my make-up, although I have tried a few out over the past couple of years. I particularly like this one because it contains SPF 30 to help protect skin from the sun’s rays, it’s so important that we protect our skin from the sun even on cloudy days because of the damage and aging it can cause.

The product is a thick white cream that you apply to skin after moisturiser and before make-up. I was actually pleasantly surprised with the finish of my foundation after I had applied SPF 30 Primer, I use a powder foundation and it seemed to adhere to the skin better than usual and gave a nice even finish. I’ll definitely be using this primer again, particularly before a big night out, to ensure that my make-up has the best finish possible and lasts. The only downside…. the ingredients list on this one is very long which sometimes can put me off a product.

Moisturiser – similar to the Everyday Wash this is just a good, simple product that does what it’s supposed to. It’s a light cream, white in colour, with a slightly fruity scent – the ingredients include raspberry so I think that’s what I can smell! It feels fairly light on the skin, it’s not oily at all, and feels fairly moisturising. I have combination skin with quite a dry forehead, but this moisturiser didn’t leave my skin feeling tight at all.

I can’t really say that these Flint+Flint skincare products are miracle workers, but what I can say is that they are good everyday products that do what they’re supposed to. The no-nonsense packaging appeals to both men and women, and I think Flint+Flint might do well in the male grooming market as any man would feel confident taking these out of his wash bag at the gym.

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