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It isn't too often we see blogs aimed at male skincare and grooming so we were delighted when we came across the brand new Partition B Blog, who have not only filled the void but done a fantastic job in doing so. 

Read their review of Flint + Flint products below and be sure to follow their fabulously detailed blog posts. We just love their tagline 'Because Men Have Skin Too', definitely a statement our very own Mr.Flint would agree with. 


Flint Plus Flint - The Best Skincare I've Ever Used

I am constantly on the hunt for new skincare - new brands, new products and new features. While I have my staples that I tend to return to, I'm willing to give new routines a try. I first came across Flint Plus Flint about four or five months ago on another blog who had reviewed one of their products. I was instantly in love with their packaging but packaging alone doesn't make a product work.

A few months and some research later, I finally decided to invest and boy can I say that it is quite simply the best money I have ever spent on skincare.

Flint Plus Flint is the creation of English couple Adam and Maxine Flint. They are the owners of the popular Skin Health Spa chain, with five clinics around the UK. Last year they embarked on their skincare range using their years of skin expertise to create the line. The collection contains nine amazing products which actually work. The products are very unisex and I can't recommend them enough. Read on to find out why...

First up - Cleansing.

The line contains two - Everyday Wash and Glycolic Cleanser. The Everyday Wash is brilliant and contains active ingredients. A lower concentration of Glycolic Acid (2%) helps to exfoliate and give skin a deep, yet gentle cleanse. Natural cleanser Moringa Oil helps to lift dirt, and Vital ET (bio-functional Vitamin E) helps as an anti-inflamatory. This is absolutely fantastic and a little goes an awfully long way. The consistency is quite runny and a tiny amount on your hand is enough. Apply to the face and massage for up to a minute, then rinse. This retails for £27.

Glycolic Cleanser is also fantastic. This contains a higher concentration of Glycolic Acid (12%). It has a great scent and gives skin a really deep cleanse. I use this every three days, and especially the day before I shave. Bisabolol contains active ingredients to help repair and protect the skin, and DEFENSIL helps especially sensitive skin to become less sensitised, helping irritated, red skin to calm down. I am a huge fan of glycolic acid cleansers and this is by far the best I have ever used. Again, a very small amount is needed - apply to your face and neck, and massage for up to a minute before rinsing. Retails at £30.

Exfoliator 2x is a double action exfoliator. I've had terrible trouble with scrubs in the past but this gives a fantastic scrub without feeling like my skin is being ripped off. It comes in the form of a gel which has micro beads to help give a fantastically good deep clean. Salicylic acid, another firm favourite of mine, helps to purify the skin and helps especially with acne prone skin. Jojoba oil helps to rebalance and cleanse the skin, and enhances the skins elasticity and natural suppleness. It also helps for a really good shave. I use this about twice a week. They also recommend for a super cleanse that you combine this with the Glycolic Cleanser which I'm yet to try but will do soon. This costs £30.

After giving your skin a good cleanse, it's time for some moisture.

First up is SPF 30 Primer. Primers are often attributed to make-up application but I'm a man and don't wear makeup. However, I've still been using it all the time. It's recommended that it's used after your moisturiser which would be right if you're applying make-up. It has no shine and I've actually found it helps to reduce shine. If you apply fake tan to your face, which I do on occasion, this is a great base. Squirt a little primer onto your hand, add a tiny drop of tan and apply to your face to give some instant colour. Regardless of your tanning needs, it still has an SPF of 30. So many people fail to use SPF because the sun usually doesn't shine in Ireland. But nevertheless, the rays are there and are constantly attacking our skin. This is fantastic for helping protect our skin from the sun. This retails at £25.

The range comes with two moisturisers - Moisturiser and Moisturiser 3x. The regular Moisturiser is great. It's really hydrating and feels great on my skin. The scent is very neutral and not overpowering at all. It helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles as well as really protecting the skin. I use this in the morning and like the other products, a little goes a huge way. While the consistency seems quite thick, it spreads so well and the smallest amount is enough for the entire face. Moisturiser costs £32.

Moisturiser 3x is also fantastic when your skin needs an extra treat. It contains another huge favourite of mine, hyaluronic acid. This is a naturally occurring acid in our bodies which we lose with age. This really helps with anti-aging and provides even better hydration than the regular Moisturiser. Other ingredients like retinol and malikara leaf help to collagen and elastin production. I use this most nights or before a night out. Again, a small amount is all thats needed. It covers the face really well. This will set you back a worthwhile £42.

My joint-favourite product is Serum. I have never been the biggest fan of serums simply because of their price tag but this is seriously phenomenal. In the few weeks I have been using it, my skin not only looks younger but smoother, constantly hydrated and brighter. Vitamin C and highly active ingredients help to intensely hydrate, repair and treat the skin. This is applied before moisturiser. Surprise - a really small amount is all thats needed. It soaks into the skin so well. The most expensive of the kit, this costs £48.

My other favourite is Eye Hero. I am constantly trying to find products to help with the dark circles under my eyes and I have finally found the answer. This is applied twice a day - morning and night - under the eye. In the few weeks I have been using this, my eyes look brighter and my dark circles have been severely lightened. It's really hydrating and soothing too. This costs £37.

Lastly is Lip Hero. We looked at this earlier in the week in our post on lip care (see here). It's not my favourite lip balm I've used mainly down to the scent which is rather feminine. However, if you can get over that, it's quite hydrating for the lips and provides great protection. This retails at £12 which is a little overpriced in my opinion.

As you can see from the photos, the packaging is really amazing. It's consistent which is very important to me as a consumer. It's simple and colour coded. The tag line of Flint Plus Flint - "The Secret to Skin Health" - is very prominent also on the packaging as well through the crosses, almost symbolising first aid for the skin. 

Flint + Flint have also released a number of candles recently. We were sent the Peony Candle for free with our Full Flint collection. It smells amazing - really fresh and relaxing. It's in a really great white glass casing and burns really well. Two other candles - Vetivert and Spiced Orange - are also available and they all retail at £17 each, which for a candle of this standard is a bargain.

The pricing is my only real gripe. We purchased our collection - The Full Flint - which retails for £260. This is about £30 cheaper than buying each product individually. I had contacted them looking for trial sizes before investing in the full collection and was lucky enough to get a discount code so I got the collection cheaper than retail. Trial samples are not currently available but they have a fantastic money-back guarantee which gives you your money back in the event you're not happy.

Individually the products are moderately expensive. However, I really really think they are worth every penny as my skin has never been in such good condition. While my initial reaction was that the products were all rather small, you really really only need to use the tiniest amount of any of them so I expect these to last for ages.

Flint Plus Flint are really active on social media also with constant special offers and discounts. They are currently running a fantastic promotion every Friday where one product is featured and with fifteen available for a hugely discounted price. This is only available through their Facebook (here) and Twitter (@flintplusflint).

I've never been so excited by one brand before, nor have I ever been this happy. I cannot recommend these enough. I'm hoping in the future to try the other two candles they have available.. I also wonder if they will ever extend the range to include shaving products. While these would appeal predominantly to men, I would personally love to see what they would come up with. 

Flint Plus Flint is currently only available online at their fantastic website which also contains extra tips on using each product.

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