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Seasonal changes in weather can wreak havoc on the skin, so the arrival of a new season is the perfect time to reassess your beauty regime.

We've put together the following advice to help you achieve a fresh, dewy complexion this Spring.

Wearing SPF daily is crucial.

Applying SPF daily is a massive must as skin needs to be protected against UVA and UVB rays – even on cloudy days. Flint + Flint Primer SPF offers protection against sun damage and premature ageing and is the perfect base to your make-up.

Cleansing is key. 

This season is the ideal time to give your skin an all over spring clean and the way to do that is to cleanse. Flint + Flint’s Glycolic Cleanser helps to gently resurface the outer layers of the skin on a daily basis revealing fresher skin underneath and repairing any damage from daily stress. Our Serum then feeds the skin with nourishing and energising Vitamin C and other actives to make it glow.

Ditch the dead skin.

This season is all about freshness, cleanliness and starting over and what better way to do that than to exfoliate dead skin cells that have built up over the winter?

Use our Flint + Flint Exfoliator 2x once or twice per week and remove dead skin cells, deeper dirt and help to clear open pores. Follow this with our mineral rich Serum which stimulates skin cells to repair existing damage and protect from future harm.

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