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Our research reveals the naked truth about how long into a relationship women feel ready to let the makeup mask slip……a whole year!

We recently conducted a study with just over 2,000 women between the ages of 18-30 and found that over half (54%) wouldn’t let their partner see them without cosmetics until they had been dating at least 12 months.

In contrast the majority (51%) said they would bare their bodies after just six months, suggesting the nation’s females are more confident with their bodies than their skin.

We found the the most popular facial feature was lips and least popular was eye wrinkles.

Flint + Flint owner Maxine Flint comments: “We were shocked to find out so many women feel so insecure about their skin that they would hide behind their makeup for such a long length of time. We would have expected less body confidence than skin shyness.” 

“It’s a shame that us women appear to have so many hang ups about ourselves and we hope that our Flint + Flint skincare range will help to bring some well-needed confidence back. They do say after all that beauty is skin deep!”

Our range of nine products aim to revolutionise any skin care regime. It includes Moisturiser 3x, Serum, SPF 30 Primer, Glycolic Cleanser, Everyday Wash, Exfoliator 2x, Eye Hero and Lip Hero. The affordable range, which is all made in England, varies in price from between £12 and £48 and offers a complete range of solutions for moisturising, cleansing and skin protection.

Flint + Flint surveyed 2,010 women between the ages of 18-30 in Skin Health Spa clinics from 15 September - 15 November 2014. 

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