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Last week we had some lovely feedback from Sue Shacklady of Nantwich, Cheshire that we just had to share with you....

"I'm a Wife, Mummy and Great Grandma, so when I tell you all that I've tried just about every skincare product there is, I'm not kidding!!!

Flint + Flint skincare products are not just the best, but they out perform the rest by a country mile. 

I just wish they'd have been around years ago, so that I'd not have spent at least 40 of my 54 years wasting so much money on products that didn't work, and also damaging my skin with a harsh skincare regime.

You'll find nothing but lovely nourishment to pamper those cells crying out for help, and beautifully soft, glowing skin. 

I wouldn't give Flint+Flint an A+, I'd give them a Masters degree.

Love from: one happy granny"

Thanks Sue. You've made our day! 

Max and Adam 

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