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Thanks Joel!

Just recently, we added the option for our customers to submit on-line reviews for all of our Flint + Flint products.  Not only were we amazed by the quantity and five star rating (keep 'em coming say Max and Adam), but the time taken by you guys to explain what you think and how you use the products - some of the tips and hints are just great (and have spawned new ideas).

We'd like to take a special moment to thank Joel of Brighton.  It's nice to see a face behind the words (nice skin by the way) and for taking such time and care to give your insight into our products.  Big thanks Joel. 

Read his review here...

Before I say anything I must say a words about myself. I am a skincare nut! I love skincare and my face and how I treat it is very important to me. I usually use a brand and move onto another, constantly looking for the one (in a skincare sense that feels so right for my skin). I came across Flint + Flint through a blog read up and I gave it a shot. 

This set has transformed the condition of my skin and wow. The products are great, I am using the cleanser once every other day and leaving it on for two minutes before I wash off and it feels great - leaving my skin fresh, clean and not tight. The serum feels like velvet on my skin and I adore it. Most serums I've used are either too rich that my skin goes oily/greasy looking or is too runny that I use to much but this one is perfect. 

The primer I love and sinks in great and the exfoliator was a great bonus and hey who doesn't love a great scrub and this one's consistency is so unique. I'm now a huge fan and I wouldn't go back. 

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