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Raffles Bizarre recently wrote a great review of our skincare range in November. Read it here.  


I'm a huge advocate on looking after your skin, always telling people in Twitter chats that the best makeup tip is working on a flawless canvas. Unfortunately I don't take my own advice nearly enough and although I always remove my makeup before bed and moisturise in the mornings, that is often where it stops. I've found myself working all waking hours and not taking the ten minutes morning and night for a skincare regime, I also don't wash my personal makeup brushes nearly often enough and I've basically got in a bit of a rut with it all.

Then I was offered some products to try from Flint + Flint, a brand I'd not yet heard of and one that boasted a full collection of skincare products that "ALL work". Their website states "We’re extremely particular. A product that doesn’t work, will never, ever make it into the Flint Plus Flint range." which is something I have a lot of respect for and  sparks great expectations of the products.
I was sent these three items to try which gives me a nice overall picture of their products. I always mention what a sucker for packaging I am so I'm sure you can imagine how pleased I was to unwrap these gorgeous boxes. The design is very slick indeed and I love that each product is colour coded by the vibrant pop in the plus signs.
The first thing I noticed about all three products was the smell, I'm not actually sure if it is a particular scent and I couldn't work out from the ingredients what it would be but I really like it. It also reminds me of some skincare I used to use a few years ago and I'm all for nostalgic smells.
Lip Hero £12: I have a trusty medicated lip balm that I use all year round to keep the cracked lips at bay but I'm always interested to try some more gentle products that don't just keep my lips from being dry but actively keep them feeling hydrated. I found that Lip Hero did just that and has become a mandatory morning and night product for me, it feels so moisturising to apply and leaves my lips everso soft. This product contains active ingredients that aid anti-ageing and promote fuller more defined lips. I can't say I've really noticed this too much but it would be a welcome result if this comes from continued use, my thin lips need all the help they can get.

Serum £48: The serum is to apply between your cleansing routine and moisturising, a step I very rarely ever take in my usual skin care regime, but I was glad that this forced me to get into the habit as I've been really loving this product. The serum has the consistency of a liquid gel and you really don't need much per application. It's a delight to massage into the skin and leaves me feeling wonderfully refreshed. Upon reading the benefits of this product I discovered it is specifically aimed to hydrate the skin and restore radiance which is something I am always looking for and I can say that after nearly three weeks of using this my skin looks a lot healthier and more nourished than it did before. 

Eye Hero £37: Lastly, Eye Hero aims to regenerate the skin and reduce fine lines whilst also easing signs fatigue. The latter is definitely the most immediate complaint I have but I've also used anti-ageing products as a preventative measure for years now. With my job and awkward schedule I often have terrible dark circles around my eyes though in general it's not a part of my face I necessarily think about too much. However using this product every day has definitely made a difference in both how the skin around my eyes looks but also how it feels. This glides onto the skin so nicely, it instantly has a cooling effect and is a really lovely product, you also only need a really tiny amount of this as well.

An all round glowing review pretty much. I'm always dubious when I see claims of products that "really work" but I can't find anything at fault here. It's been such a pleasure to use all three products and I would highly recommend them.

For me, the prices of the Serum and Eye Hero are steep, had I not had the chance to try the products out first I wouldn't have risked spending the money on them personally, however now I would definitely replace them once they've run out. I'm also now very intrigued by ALL of their other products which I trust would be just as great. Flint + Flint do offer a money back guarentee if you're not completely happy with their products which might reassure some of you contemplating whether to invest the money.

I would definitely recommend each of the three products I have tried but if like me you are worried about splashing out too much money on a brand you're unfamiliar with at first, maybe try the Lip Hero first. You can find out more info about each of the products and order them here
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