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Meade Magazine is an Independent Fashion & Lifestyle magazine who wrote a lovely detailed review of the Flint + Flint range recently. See what they thought below.


Smoothly Does It

A high end, UK made, complete skincare range for both men and women.  This is really impressive!

Ladies and Gentlemen…. (drum roll please). Allow me to introduce to you ……  Flint Plus Flint

This fabulous skincare line for men and women contains innovative ingredients to boost and nourish your skin for younger, more radiant-looking results.  And it really is a superb range.

You can see it instantly.  Start by opening the packaging for each product – each box is gorgeous.  Simple but high quality packaging in grey with their signature PLUS symbol picked out in a strong accent colour, one colour for each product.  The boxes lined up look too good to throw away, and everything about them has been well thought out.   Then there’s the ingredients.  Again, all carefully selected and put together, with a pleasing scent that is totally unisex.  And everything – the printing, ingredients, manufacturing is all done in the UK, where quality and standards are at the highest levels.

Flint+Flint Eye Hero Box

This skincare range has been designed and developed by married couple, Maxine and Adam.  It’s obvious they know their game and they really do have a keen eye for design. The company is a family-owned business, and Maxine and Adam also happen to own and manage a chain of cosmetic clinics across England, recommending the best skincare products to their own clients, and carrying out more than a million skin treatments over the last ten years.  I’m sure you’ll agree that certainly gives them the right experience to bring this product range to the market.

Flint+Flint Exfoliator 2x

All Flint Plus Flint products use many of the active ingredients in medical dermatology products, but unlike most medical products, you’ll find this brand easy to use and costs a lot less too.

Maxine and Adam, and their staff are extremely particular about the products – if one doesn’t actually work, it won’t make it into the Flint Plus Flint range.  They like the skincare products and so do the staff, and they’re that confident that you will too, that they offer to give you your money back if you don’t agree.

They say “We know exactly what works and the transforming effect it has on peoples’ confidence. We believe we have the secret to skin health.”

I’d say Absolutely – “Smoothly Does It” and it’s well worth trying them out.  After all, you’ll get your money back if you don’t think they work for you!

Flint+Flint Collection

Here’s the Flint+Flint skincare product range  -

Flint+Flint Every Day Wash – £27
Flint+Flint Exfoliator 2x – £30
Flint+Flint Glycolic Cleanser – £30
Flint+Flint Moisturiser – £32
Flint+Flint Moisturiser 3x – £42
Flint+Flint SPF30 Primer – £25
Flint+Flint Serum – £48
Flint+Flint Eye Hero – £37
Flint+Flint Lip Hero – £12


Thanks for the detailed review Meade Magazine. 

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