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Long gone are the days that beauty and personal care was just for the ladies. So we asked Gedlab, 

a thirty something male living in the city of London, to review the Flint + Flint range and give us his perspective on these skincare products. 

This year I was lucky enough to be introduced to many new skincare brands. Some were good, some were a but meh and some were simply spectacular; just like my latest discovery – Flint + Flint! The brainchild of the entrepreneurs behind the Skin Health Spa clinic, Flint + Flint is a new unique range of nine products purposely created to revolutionise any skin care regime!


Not having heard of the brand prior to them contacting me, the first thing that made an impression on me as soon as the products landed on my doorstep, was the packaging. The products are housed in really sleek, highly modern dark coloured packaging with a splash of bright colours to distinguish between the different types. I loved it immediately! The second thing that impressed me was the price tags – for products that looks and feels sensationally luxurious and expensive, the surprise of the price range between £12 and £48 was almost unbelievable had it not been on black and white in front of me. The packaging alone was enough to classify this as high-end!

The very affordable range, which is all made on hometurf here in England, offers a complete range of solutions for moisturising, cleansing and protecting any skin type. Let’s take a closer look at them.

The Moisturiser – £32 for 50ml

This was the first one I tried in the range. A hydrating and protecting moisturiser that is suitable for daily use on all skin types and it contains Glycofilm (forms a protective second ‘skin’ like a natural shield against free radicals and environmental damage), red raspberry seed oil and EUK-134 Cascading Antioxidant System (Protects the skin tissue against reactive gases and recycles itself to combat oxidative stress). It’s a fairly light and rather smooth moisturiser with a lovely slightly woody scent to it which makes it quite a delight to slap on your mug. Now, with cooler temperatures setting in, I struggle with dry patches on my cheeks and forehead so I’m sad to say unfortunately this bad boy was not bad enough to relieve me of the dryness.

Although The Moisturiser ticked most boxes for me, it did not tick the ‘hydration heaven’ box so on I moved to the second product – The Moisturiser X 3. Exactly what the name says, this moisturiser packs a punch with a triple action nourishing and was actually proven in clinical studies to increase skin firmness and elasticity. It contains hyaluronic acid (Helps to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin), retinal palmitate (Encourages cell production to make skin look younger) and Elestan (An advanced anti-ageing active ingredient to preserve skin’s youth). So how did it fair on the hydration scale? The slightly more citrussy scented lotion did a better job of keeping my skin hydrated although it pains me to say, after nearly 60 days of everyday use, it still did not provide my skin with the hydration it needed.

Serum – £48 for 50ml

I paired the Serum up with The Moisturiser X 3 and was quite surprised how quickly my skin started feeling slightly more energised from just a few days of use. The Serum contains several active ingredients that include atoligomer (Stimulates the vitality of skin cells), borage oil (Vital in the production of the body’s regulatory hormones) and AA2G (Natural Vitamin C that helps brigthten dull looking skin). After a month of everyday use I definitely started noticing a change in the appearance of my skin which is great, especially as we’re approaching winter at the speed of light when skin naturally will look dull and dreary.

Glycolic Cleanser – £30 for 100ml


This was the last product I tried before writing this post and I sit here smiling because there is so much truth in the old saying “Leave the best for last” because out of all the Flint + Flint products I tried, this was the one that really left a lasting impression on me. With my skin always more drier during this season transition period, it’s absolutely vital that I don’t use a cleanser that will dry out my skin even more so after slapping this beautiful Glycolic Cleanser on my face a few times I knew this was the one to keep. It contains glycolic acid (A natural ingredient that helps remove dead skin cells and bring new, fresh skin to the surface), bisabolol (Protects and heals skin) and DEFENSIL (A skin conditioning agent that normalises sensitive skin) and is one of the most gentle cleansers I have come across in ages. Now, after nearly one month of using it everyday, I can safely say this is my absolute favourite cleanser I have used this year!

I received only a few of the products in their range but I definitely want to encourage you to go check out the rest of the range on their website. Overall I was quite impressed with the simplicity of the products and how well they were constructed. It’s definitely one of the surprises of 2014 for me and even though the moisturisers were a slight let down for me, I do think there is massive potential with the range. It definitely needs a lot more air time so if you are keen on exploring this new way of looking after your skin, then pop on over to Flint + Flint where you can read more about each product and find a stockist near you!

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