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PR girl, house music lover & weekly columnist for Studentwire Jenna Clarke lets us know her thoughts on Flint + Flint skincare. Read her review below. 

When I received these skincare goodies from Flint+Flint via Student Wire HQ, I was so excited. I’ve always been a firm believer that looking after your skin properly is super important. A good regime will ensure you always look brighter after those big nights out, and will put a pause on ageing when the time comes! For all of you glamorous beings out there who wont settle for your basic soap and flannel, Flint+Flint is definitely high end, but without the Oxford Street price tag.
When I opened the sleek package, I was thrilled to see a lip product inside. I am, unfortunately cursed with the driest lips ever in the winter months, so always need a heavy-duty balm for on the go. LIP HERO is definitely one of the best that I’ve tried. After opening the distinctive packaging, I couldn’t wait to try on my new lip saviour! It has a handy slanted edge, which means it moulds to the shape of your lips (see ya later round sticks!) and the formula is so rich and glossy that I had no need to apply my usual lip gloss as well. I placed it in my pocket and went about my day, re-applying every hour or so and the results were fantastic! Not only did my lips feel moisturised, but also fuller… absolute magic.


After a long one at uni, I needed to wash the day off my face. This is where the Flint+Flint EVERYDAY WASH really came into its own. The wash comes in a handy bottle with a snap close lid (meaning no awkward screwing and unscrewing when you’re in the shower) and sports the recognisable cross logo that accompanies the range. After massaging the fresh gel into my face for a good 30 seconds, I rinsed it off and immediately felt refreshed. Absolutely squeaky-clean! My skin felt deeply cleansed, yet without the tightness and dryness that some facial washes can come with. I followed my deep cleanse with the Flint+Flint simplistically named MOISTURISER, which really should be called Miracle Moisturiser, as my skin felt absolutely drenched with goodness! I literally could not stop touching my own face. Enriched with skin nourishing oils and more scientific goodies than you could shake a stick at, it’s my new go-to skin perfector.
The three-step regime can be picked up for just over seventy quid in total, which if you think about it, is less than a weekend on the vodka and a new set of nails! Can you really put a price on good skincare…it’s the biggest organ on your body so deserves a treat. Also, they’re a cool home-grown UK business, and never test on animals, so help a brother out!
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