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Emily Cleary spent almost a decade chasing ambulances, and celebrities, for Fleet Street’s finest, but nowadays she prefers to write for her blog and review the latest products brought to market or grabbing an hour out of her hectic freelancer’s life to chill out in a spa while hubby holds baby. So we sent her some Flint + Flint product to get the lowdown on what she thought. Read a snippet of her article below where we feature no.5 in her top Autumn beauty products. 

The change in seasons can be great for a woman’s wardrobe, but not so great for her skin! Suddenly faced with harsh winds outside and central heating inside, the complexion can take a beating and lack of sunlight leaves you looking, and feeling, like a washed-out version of that summer you. So we’ve rounded up the best beauty products on the market this Autumn to help revive dehydrated skin, brighten up dull complexions, and make life all-round just that little bit easier! 

5) Flint + Flint Exfoliator x 2 – ‘Tis the season for flaky faces as tans fall off and the weather leaves us wind-bashed, so invest in a good exfoliator, such as this one from the  team behind the Skin Health Spa. It’s a double action skin polishing exfoliator for all skin types, containing salicylic acid, Jojoba oil and micro scrub particles. Salicylic Acid is a used to purify the ski and Jojoba Oil is highly penetrative and enhances the skins natural suppleness and elasticity. The Micro-scrub particles plough away dead surface skin cells to reveal brighter looking skin. It’s easily worth splashing out the £30 for 75ml when you see the results. Available from

To see the other 9 products that made Emily's top 10 for Autumn visit her blog page here or to find out more about our Exfoliator 2x visit our product page here

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