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One of online partners, Beauty Crowd, did a piece on why using Flint + Flint will save you time in the morning in their 'Suggested by Opal' feature. Read it in full here: 


Flint plus Flint are an exciting family owned British company with twenty years of combined industry experience, creating products packed with active ingredients that really work. Here’s three of their products that will work hard to look after your skin, while saving you time.

Everyday Wash

Healthy skin starts with clean skin, so start your day by washing away all traces of the night. This gentle formulation will remove grime from your sleep and wash away makeup after your working day. You’ll feel exfoliation, which is ideal for anti-ageing and to give an even complexion. Moringa oil is one of the active ingredients, nature’s natural cleanser from the seeds of the Moringa tree. Their Vital ET is an ingredient in a unique form of Vitamin E that has many benefits from anti-inflammatory properties to helping with friction and wear. It only needs to be worked into your face and neck for thirty seconds to thoroughly cleanse and prepare your skin for the next step. Ideal when you’re pushed for time before work.


A serum is an excellent filler in your skincare sandwich and Flint + Flint have created one with a high concentration of purified ingredients that will get to work hydrating your skin and repair troublesome areas. Borage oil is a rich source of an Omega 6 fatty acid which has shown to be effective treating dry and damaged skin. Apply to clean skin and massage in for a minute. If you’re skin is feeling weather-beaten and grey in the Autumn weather, then this will bring back your missing radiance. Definitely worth the additional sixty seconds it will to take to apply this.

Moisturiser x 3

This triple action cream is powerful with an array of benefits making it perfect on dry, thirsty skin. Hyaluronic acid, Retinol and Malikara Leaf will battle against wrinkle formation and boost collagen, plumping the skin to a youthful appearance. Sweep this over your face and neck, paying close attention to any problem areas and work up your face until all the product has been absorbed. Lovely as part of your bedtime ablutions. 

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