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One of Flint + Flint selected online suppliers featured an interview with the Flint's themselves on their blog so we thought we would share it with you to give better insight into the people behind the products....

FLINT + FLINT made its debut on the Beauty Crowd website just a few days ago, a high-end skincare range of products created by Adam and Maxine Flint, a married couple with a passion for healthy skin and a keen eye for design.

"We’re a family-owned business, who also happens to own and manage a chain of cosmetic clinics across England. Over the last ten years, we’ve recommended the best of the best skincare products to our clients and carried out more than a million skin treatments".

FLINT + FLINT’s products are formulated in accordance to the highest UK standards and with an eye for quality. Most of the ingredients are the same as that used in medical dermatology, just easier to employ and less expensive. 

We met Adam Flint, one of the founders to gain a more in depth understanding of his extraordinary line of skincare.

There are so many skincare products available, yet sometimes it’s very difficult to find skincare that matches the needs of our skin types. How was the idea of FLINT + FLINT born?

Maxine and I have a collective 20 years experience in selling skincare products worldwide and through recommendation following treatments at our chain of Skin Health Spa's of which we have overseen a Million skin treatments.  In our experience, we've found that there's a varying range of prices, quality, ingredients and most importantly, results irrespective of how fabulous the price or packaging.   We have a really good understanding of what the skin needs and what it does not.  We don't want to sound all "Coca-Cola", but it's what we call The Secret Of Skin Health.  To this end, we offer a full satisfaction money back guarantee.  


You have three adjectives. Which would you choose to best describe the brand, texture and the packaging of your products?  

Transparent, Robust, Warm. 


What are the main ingredients within your product range?

Each product has three key "active" ingredients.  These ingredients work with each other and most importantly, they work with your skin.  The reason being that the majority of our products use ingredients that the skin understands.  For example, SPF Primer uses Mongongo Oil which derives from a Mongongo Tree nut.  Kalahari tribes have used Mongongo Oil for thousands of years to ward of the harmful affects of the sun. 

You recommended the best of the ingredients and products to your clients for years. It’s clear that you’re very proud that your products are made in England. Why is this important for FLINT + FLINT?

In comparison to other skincare brands do you believe this sets you apart? We believe in England.  We believe British manufacturers, designers and scientists maintain a quality that is not always found elsewhere. Our products are 100% Made in England, the design came from Corporation Pop in Manchester, as did the depiction of our story illustrated by David Bailey, the boxes were printed in Leeds, our scientist and ingredients mixed and packaged in Yorkshire. We have real talent in England and not all great things skincare come from France or the USA. There's few British companies that can lay claim to having a 100% Made in England product. 

Your product packaging is very eye-catching and refined. Your attention to detail is prominent and amazing. Do you consider your packaging as a feature that makes your products so unique?

Yes. Very much so.  We are minimalists at home and at work.  Why make things complicated by calling a product something that no one understands?  Our products are clear and transparent.  The packaging speaks for our business and who we are when we cannot be there to speak for ourselves   We believe that there's a great deal of over complicated packaging out in the market place.  Some of the new pump type packaging looks great on day one, but what happens when it locks as you pump or you drop it on a tiled bathroom floor - it breaks.  Our customers love the Granite look and feel of the box - it gives great security of a quality product which it is.  The primary packaging is simple, easy to use, nice to touch and above all, it won't break.  Plus you can cut the top off them all, use the last drops and feel comfortable when you recycle - you can't do that with a chrome topped pump!

As mentioned on your website you exchanged rings, vows and skincare tips. Adam is a man on a mission and Maxine loves healthy skin. Do you both consider your mission accomplished? What awaits us in the future of FLINT + FLINT?  

We wanted to make skincare simple, effective and reasonably priced.  We feel we have achieved this.  We are looking forward to the development of our brand through consumers unsung the products in the UK and through International markets.  As the first phase of products are much loved and are fast gaining a "cult" following we are now working on a range of body products due early next year and a series of home items.The reaction and feedback from clients is our driver, retaining simplicity, products that work and delivering then at the right price will remain our core values.  

Thank you for the great interview Beauty Crowd! Share with us your experiences of our products or let us know what your first impression are by emailing,  or tweet us your reviews @flintplusflint. 




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