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We love it when we get a detailed review of our products through and when we saw this article by Erica at Eclectic Enchantments land on our desk it made our day! Read what she thinks in full here: 

I am always looking for the perfect skincare range for my face, to be honest I like to have a few different sets as they all seem to deal with different issues.  I find that since getting poorly my skin takes a beating and it fluctuates between normal and extremely dry. Some days my skin is perfect, no blemishes, smooth, silky and fresh and then on others it is like Attack Of The Bumps, Red Blotches and Dry Itchy Skin.  Frustrating is not even close to describing how it can make me feel, especially since I have always had really nice, manageable skin.  I have tried so many brands over the years and some of them are amazing, but will only work for me on days when my skin is one way or the other. The latest range I have tried is from a company called Flint + Flint who are from the UK, with all their products made in England.  They have a catchy or impressive slogan of sorts -

Check list – It must be SIMPLE Not crazily priced Quality active ingredients Easy to use AND IT REALLY MUST WORK 

Dry Days

For the days when my skin is ridiculously dry, I found that The Moisturiser x3 works a treat.  It contains Hyaluronic acid, Elestan and retinal palmitate. Hyaluronic acid improves the biochemical properties of the skin and aids the penetration of moisture into the deep layers of the skin.  This improves the tone  of the skin, the water balance and leaves it plumper with boosted collagen.
The Retinyl Palmitate helps the skin to look more youthful and evens the skin tone.  It also assists in reducing sun damage pigmentation. Elestan specifically targets skin that is need of a little lift.  It again helps to smooth, plump and firm the surface of the skin. It really does.  Just applying a small amount to my skin I was amazed, yes AMAZED.  There was a INSTANT plumping of the skin and smoothing of the texture, visible to my eye, it also felt beautifully silky and it smells divine.

When skin feels damaged and dull

In addition to the moisturiser above, (in fact you pop it on underneath the moisturiser), the ingredients include atoligomer, borage oil and AA2G.  The Serum energises, nourishes and repairs the skin, using these elements. Atoligomer is something that helps with the vitality of the skin, stimulating the skin cells. Borage Oil is high in fatty acids and Omega 6.  These are bother really effective when it comes to dealing with dry skin or even damaged tissue. Finally AA2G is what natural vitamin c is called.  This is the active ingredient that brightens the skin helps reverse the signs of ageing and also protects from further sun damage. It has a faint citrus scent and it really refreshed and revitalised my skin, again leaving it feeling nourished and cared for.

Other areas…

The range includes lots of other products from the Lip Hero and Eye Hero to the cleansers and primers.  I was interested in where the ideas for the skincare range came from and was surprised to find that they are the result of combining the minds of Maxine and Adam Flint, two skin care experts with over twenty years experience in the field between them.

Thank you for reading today, what is the main thing you would love t be able to control about your skin?


Thank you for the lovely review Erica! If you would to enjoy our products like Erica simply visit our products page and order online for delivery 2-3 days after ... Simple! 

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