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MACS Magazine is one of the UK’s most popular on-line lifestyle magazines and earlier this month they wrote a great article on how to shrink your pores. Our very own Glycolic Cleanser was listed as a key product to tackle these tiny openings, read the full article here: 

There are some things that all of us have to deal with when it comes to beauty, and one of them is our pores. While they can be various sizes, we are united in wanting to reduce their visibility to make our complexion look as clear as possible.
Pores are tiny openings which resemble little holes in the skin where the body’s natural oil, known as sebum and produced in the sebaceous glands, is released. We have pores all over our body and generally they work well because they help keep our skin naturally moisturised by releasing oil. But because of the amount of product and make-up we put on our faces, they often end up with the most issues. Cosmetics can block pores and cause a build up, while stress, pollution and hormones can also play havoc with them. So what can be done to minimise them?

The first thing to do is to use a clay mask as they are a quick and gentle way to clear oil out of congested pores. Murad’s Blackhead and Pore Cleansing Duo is a volcanic mineral clay mask which draws out impurities to purify pores and remove blackheads. Then it seals the pores to prevent them from turning back into a visible blackhead.

Investing in a good cleanser is also key to shrinking your pores. If you have dry skin, choose one that can add moisture while cleansing. Flint + Flint’s Glycolic Cleanser has an intensive glycolic wash formula which resurfaces and purifies pores for a fresher feel, clearer complexion and smoother looking skin.

For dealing with oversized pores in the long-term, you should use a product that includes UV protection. Sun damage will enlarge pores over time by thinning the skin and harming its collagen, so make sure you use a primer with UV protection which will guard against that and smooth the skin.

Finally, it’s important not to pick or prod pores. When you are pulling and squeezing your skin, you can cause trauma to your pores which can leave them permanently enlarged. Plus, you’re adding dirt and oil from your hands to the mix which can cause breakouts and infection.

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So there you have it! If you suffer from enlarged pores and want to shrink them, start with incorporating our Glycolic Cleanser into your daily skincare routine, you'll see an improvement in no time. See our Glycolic Cleanser product page for more info. 

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