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Mr.Flint let us have a snoop in his wash bag earlier this month so we could steal his secret skincare travel essentials and share them with you all....

Over the last ten years, I've travelled a Million plus air miles and over time I've pared down what products to carry, what works and what to spend money on.  I'm a minimalist at heart and this LV wash bag is just what I need to carry my grooming products in.  It's the right size for any occasion, practical and tough and protects my products wherever I go.  We developed our products to have multiple uses, saving money, time and space - plus they work better too.  

Here's the contents of my wash bag:

  • Flint + Flint Eye Hero. Great for early mornings, hangovers and those times when you just want to lift your eyes.  Add during an air flight to save that overly tired look when you land.
  • Flint + Flint Exfoliator 2x.  My answer to an at home MAN's facial, apply to a dry face, massage for 2-4 mins, wash off.  Or just before washing off and for those with less beard growth, use as a shaving product then wash thoroughly.   
  • Flint + Flint Glycolic Cleanser. Everyman's must have product.  Brightens skin, clears pores, easy to use and has the added benefit that if you have an insect bite or an overnight spot - a quick dab clears both.  Apply direct to the face, add water until you build-up the lather, leave for 1-2 mins.  Try shaving with it - the added Glycofilm glides the razor. For the ultimate cleanse, use Exfoliator 2x to remove the Glycolic Cleanser.
  • Flint + Flint Serum.  Always repair skin with a product that keeps giving throughout the day and this high in Vitamin C serum does exactly that. 
  • Flint + Flint Moisturiser.  Simple, add directly to a clean and dry face - keep moisture in your skin.  Add to hands and elbows as required.
  • Flint + Flint SPF Primer.  Protect your face at all times.  Sun damage = premature skin and you will look older, sooner.  This SPF is full of Mongongo oil found by Kalahari tribesmen 3500 years ago.  If it works out in the desert, under 40+ degree heat, be sure it will work on Marylebone High Street.  It has the added value of being matt in finish so there's no greasy or shiny look to worry about.  
  • Kilian Arabian Nights.  There's nothing more decadent than Kilian and used in small amounts, applied to the chest where the warmth adds depth to the scent and lasts far longer.  This alone scored me Mrs Flint.  
  • George Trumper Mach 3 Shaver.  Solid Silver, blades available anywhere, easy to use and hold and with another blade works for the body too.
  • Bauch and Lomb Contacts.  Without I'd be blind.
  • MUK hair wax.  Maintains my 80's quiff whatever the weather.  
  • Tom Ford cufflinks and collar stiffeners.  Safely tucked in the inner pocket.  If I'm wearing cufflinks, I'm wearing Flint + Flint and some Kilian.  

We'd love to know what your travel essentials are, send us some pictures to or share them with our followers on our social media sites: Twitter and Facebook. 

Watch this space for more wash bag secrets from Flint + Flint coming soon - our next target is Mrs.Flint. 

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