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We were delighted when the latest Flint + Flint product blogger review landed on our desks this week. Not only because it meant more people would find out about our products but because it also tells a wonderful story of how our Moisturiser 3x helped someone who has suffered with a skin condition for many years finally find a product that actually helps alleviate it and doesn't cost the earth. Read the full story to find out more....

Flint and Flint were created by married couple Maxine and Adam Flint, Who between them had over 20 years of experience within the beauty business. Maxine owned a string of clinics, but she soon found that she couldn't actually find a product that works! so they got together and Adam travelled the world looking for the ideal ingredients to make the perfect skincare. They wanted something that wasn't too expensive, something that actually did actively work and something that was easy to use. This is how they came to create their own brand.  

The most important Flint and Flint Product for me was the moisturiser 3X, as i have said many times before, I do suffer from psoriasis and i get it on my face, which is more embarrassing than it being on my body, as when you see someone for the first time, its your face they notice first and quite often having flaky skin on your face makes me less confident towards people. It is just under my left eye and when it gets sore (often around change of weather time) it goes a really angry red. I also have it in my eyebrows, quite often you cant notice it, but without treating it, you notice it around the eyebrows too. This is a lifelong thing that I have had for over 22 years and the Doctor gives me Hydrocortisone, but we all know this thins the skin. So to be offered the Moisturiser 3x, I thought all my christmases had come at once!

It is a triple action nourishing moisturiser and has been shown to increase skin firmness and elasticity in clinical trials. The Moisturiser contains hyaluronic acid that penetrates the deeper layers of the skin, resulting in plumper looking skin and boosted collagen.I opened the package to reveal the moisturiser, it comes in a tube and in my opinion, I find it better than a tub or bottle. Once you get to the end of a tube, you can cut it open to find a couple of more applications inside. The cream was thick and soaked into my skin quickly (due to its dryness) so I know it was instantly working to improve the skin on my face.
After One Use

After Two Uses

When I think how much I have spent on skin care over the years to try and get some relief from my dry skin, I shudder as it must run into hundreds of pounds and lets face it, if I keep using the prescription skincare, my skin is going to suffer in the long run. so when people say ‘you get what you pay for’, they are right. If only this product had been launched before now, I could of saved a lot of money in the long run!  
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