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Skin Health Spa,  an Aesthetic Clinic group based in the UK recently featured our Moisturiser on their Skincare Angels blog, highlighting the importance and the power of Antioxidants. Read this insightful review in full here....

"‘Antioxidant’ is one of those buzz words you may have heard bouncing around over the last few years – on your smoothie carton, in your Glamour magazine - but what actually are antioxidants and how important are they really in our quest for gorgeous skin?

Very, as it turns out. Antioxidants are clever little molecules that work to prevent oxidisation. Think of a slice of chopped apple turning brown and then rotting – yep, that’s the effects of oxidisation, so NOT something we want for our skin. Unfortunately, free radicals (not as fun as they sound – damaged cells generated by toxins such as pollution, smoking and excessive sun exposure) can oxidise our healthy cells, making them become free radicals themselves. This leads to a horrible chain reaction that ages and dulls our skin, stripping us of collagen, elastin and essential DNA and leaving our skin withered. Surrounded by city pollution, car exhausts and harmful toxins in the modern world, antioxidants are our saviour – capturing free radicals, neutralising them and stopping their damage to our skin cells.

That’s why after your hydrating Serum in the morning, you need something extra to act as a nourishing barrier against free radicals, as your essential SPF30 only protects against UV rays. Flint+Flint Moisturiser uses an incredible Cascading Antioxidant System to mimic the effects of the skin’s natural enzymes, cleverly protecting the skin’s tissues from oxidisation and then recycling itself to combat the stress oxidisation has already caused to the skin.

Combine this with Red Raspberry Seed Oil, a luscious natural source of antioxidants such Vitamin E, which busts through and destroys chains of free radicals, and you’ve got yourself an antioxidant powerhouse. Red Raspberry Seed Oil is also full of nourishing fatty acids and omega oils, making the skin supple, smooth and silky, but with a light, airy texture, this Moisturiser is never greasy. Instead while serum is hydrating the layers beneath, the Moisturiser smoothens and nourishes the surface of your skin, leaving it soft and bright.

Antioxidant protection and daily moisturising are pure essentials for strong and healthy skin. So try introducing some fresh raspberry goodness into your morning routine – in the form of our antioxidant superhero Moisturiser!"

Thanks go to aesthetician Lucy Pozman for featuring us in her write-up. For more information on our Moisturiser visit the product page

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